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Musician: Human Revolution

Species: Homo conscious



The Human Revolution Bio

Human’s roots are found deep in the folk music tradition. It started when he discovered that through songwriting, he could give a voice to his activist heart. Getting his feet wet in the smoky cafés of Kent, OH with fellow Folk and Americana artists David and Jessica Lea Mayfield, the young songwriter then known as Matthew S. Donowick uprooted and headed west to the golden Mendocino coast of California. He showed up with not much more than a guitar and 400 copies of his newly produced debut-album Rainshadow, co-produced by David Mayfield. In Mendocino he re-joined another former Kent folkie Angela “Rose” Heiman. Ready for a new start, and inspired by a respected elder of the Mendocino Coast music scene, young Matthew changed his name to Human to expand his possibilities and start over as a child of the Earth, just another member of the human race, doing his duty to best serve his people, through song and story.

It was there that in 2003 he was brought to a magical community deep in the woods where he walked into a full band room all set up and ready to go, “we’ve been waiting for you they told him.” The band quickly learned Human’s songs and The Human Revolution was born. Their first break was a short Norcal run with beloved west coast folk goddess Jules Graves. From there they played to packed audiences at Earthdance’s hub event at the Hog Farm in Laytonville, CA, and Greenfest in San Francisco. In 2004 Human was asked to join a short-lived local all-star band called “Pioneers of the New Dawn”, the brain child of Grammy Award-winning producer Bill Bottrell. Later that year Human produced and released his second solo-album Naked with help from friends and members of The Human Revolution.

For the next few years Human would make his name doing the rounds of the Northern California and Southern Oregon mystic folk circuit, touring from San Francisco to Ashland, OR. In 2005 inspired by a 3 month journey to the Hawaiian Islands, The Human Revolution produced their first festival The Mendocino Living Culture Festival, and another in 2007. In the summers, the ever- adventurous Human would pack up and hit the road, driving across America playing small clubs, farmers markets, and cafes selling cds to keep his belly, his band, and his biodiesel car full of fuel.

Between 2005 and 2009 The Human Revolution released two studio albums Breathe, and Love Revolution, along with Alive on Maui, the bands first live album. They completed three cross country acoustic tours, a southwest regional tour, produced an award-winning music video for Human’s hit hemp anthem Tree of Life and had their next big break opening for a labor day celebration in Piercy, CA with country-folk icon Willie Nelson. In the coming years The Human Revolution would become a familiar name at west coast music festivals and barter fairs. Adapting to the changing musical landscape, The Human Revolution developed a localized database of some of the west coast’s finest musicians who would come and go from the band depending on region and location. Some former members include: Roger Fritz, Gene Parsons, Al Torre, Donny “Divino” Smith, Anton Mizerak, MC Radioactive, Maesyn, Amae, Julian Fritz, Michael Saint John, Jimmy Gallagher, Frankie Hernandez, Alice Di Micele, and Jeff Pevar to name a few.

In 2010 Human moved the band’s headquarters to Ashland, OR and recorded the groups first all acoustic studio album Love Always Prevails, In 2011, guitarist Jeff Pevar and bassist Sam Frey were added to the band’s permanent lineup. Jeff is best known for his role in the Ray Charles Orchestra, and as a founding member of progressive rock band CPR with David Crosby. He has played with a who’s who of artists and has appeared on network TV numerous times. In late 2011, the newly re-formed group started work on their first collaborative album Small Town. The Human Revolution has long- embraced the internet as a tool to reach their fans, and since 2010 they have regularly broadcast their live shows free on their website TheHumanRevolution.org. Continuing in the social experiment, the band funded Small Town through the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter, garnering over $25,000 in pledges. The album was officially released in April 2012.

Starting in the early days of biodiesel, The Human Revolution has toured almost exclusively on alternative, non-petroleum, American-grown fuels and has supported a variety of causes from re-legalizing hemp cultivation in America, to labeling and banning GMO’s both of which would help support America’s small farmers. In summer 2012 the band toured and self-produced over 20 shows in support of California’s GMO Labeling Initiative entirely on American-grown biodiesel. They continue to perform locally in Ashland, OR and tour nationally and internationally.

Over the years the band’s sound has evolved from a rootsy-acoustic sound to a full on jam band format with long extended solos and explorations, but always lead by the inspired words of the band’s leader and song writer Human. From New York, to LA, Portland to Maui, and Seattle to Costa Rica, The Human Revolution has played a part in opening the hearts and minds of Americans, showing them an example of what is possible when a small group of dedicated musicians set out to make the world a better place. To follow our continuing journey or watch some of our dozens of music videos, visit www.TheHumanRevolution.org.

Human has also performed or recorded as a guest artist with: Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus, Shimshai, Tina Malia, Clan Dyken,Flowmotion, Jah Levi, Diane Patterson, Saratone and the Earthtribe Gospel, Becky White,David Mayfield, MC Translation, Word of Mouth, MC Radioactive, Fantuzzi, Alice Di Micele, Frankie Hernandez, Amae, Maesyn, Luminaries, TES, and others.

Human 1
Music Player


• Human is a self-inspired spokesperson for the eco-sustainable-social-political urges in the country

• Human received the 2007 AMMA Video of the Year Award for the music video of “Tree of Life”

• The pro-hemp music video “Tree of Life” has received over 400,000 views online

• Human’s song “My Community” won the Grand Prize at the Wichita, KS based 2007 Art of Heart Songwriting Contest.

• The Human Revolution opened for Willie Nelson in French’s Camp, CA on Labor Day 2008.

• Human is a former member of the all-star musical group ‘Pioneers of the New Dawn.’ Band mates included Bill Bottrell (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Travelling Wilburys), Roger Fritz (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynn) and Bay Area Jazz drummer Jimmy Gallagher among others.

• The Human Revolution was selected to headline the annual 4:20 party at the 2009 Seattle Hempfest.

• The Human Revolution headlined the San Diego Earthfest, the “World’s Largest Earth Day Event” twice, in 2006 and 2010.

• All ‘The Human Revolution’ merchandise including: shirts, promo cards, albums, etc, are produced as ecologically as is commercially available using plant-based inks, organic cotton, and PCW recycled paper. The band has never produced stickers because of the toxic glue needed to create them.

• The Human Revolution has been travelling primarily in alternative fuel vehicles since 2004 utilizing SVO, biodiesel, and E-85 ethanol whenever possible.

For Booking or more information contact:
Human (707) 813-1492

Human Discography:
2012- The Human Revolution- Small Town
2010- The Human Revolution- Love Always Prevails
2010- Ras Michael and the Suns of Negus- Live at Caspar (sax)
2008- The Human Revolution- Love Revolution
2008- TES- Awake in the Dream (co-producer)
2007- Human- Breathe
2007- MC Translation- Worldwide (co-producer/sax)
2006- Human and Some Other Humans- Alive on Maui
2005- Word of Mouth (guitar/sax)
2004- Human-Naked
2001- Human/Matthew S. Donowick- Rainshadow

A partial list of major past events:
2012, ‘11- Envision Music Festval (Dominical, Costa Rica)
2012, ‘11- Peace Village Festival (Ashland, OR)
2012, ’09- Seattle Hempfest (Seattle, WA)
2011- House of Blues- Hollywood, CA
2011- World Food Day Rally- Washington DC
2011- GMO Right to Know March (Brooklyn NY-Washington DC)
2011- George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)
2010- Be Here Now Festival (Starks, ME)
2010- Vibrant Living Festival (Perkasie, PA)
2010- SOURCE Festival (Maui, HI)
2009- Forestdance (San Salvador, Costa Rica)
2009- Tootsies Orchid Lounge (Nashville, TN)
2009- Tribal Vision Festival (Taos, NM)
2009- Raw Spirit East (Washington D.C.)
2008- Opening gig: Willie Nelson Labor Day Show (French’s Camp, CA)
2008, ’09- Portland Hempstalk Festival (Portland, OR)
2008- Harmony Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)
2007, ’08- Raw Spirit Festival (Sedona, AZ)
2007- Emerald Cup (Laytonville, CA)
2007-2012 Mystic Garden/Island Gatherings (Ashland, OR, and Maui, HI)
2007, ’09- Dreamtime Festival
2007- Bonnaroo (Sun Stage) (Manchester, TN)
2007, ‘10- San Diego Earthfest (San Diego, CA)
2007- Premier: Travel Channel’s Edible Adventure (NYC, NY)
2006, 10, 11- Topanga Earth Day Festival (Topanga, CA)
2005, ‘06, ’09, ‘10- Hope Mountain Barter Fair (Takilma, OR)
2005, ’07- Mendocino Living Culture Festival (Caspar, CA)

Human 2