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Have a whale of a time!

"Whale of a Time" metaphorically refers to the great qualities of the whales. "Having a whale of a time" is an expression that derives its sense from this comparison - meaning having a great time! We promote the great qualities of whales through our events. Only through positive inspirations and passion we can motivate others to join us on our plight to save endangered species and ecosystems and finally our own species and the Earth.

What do you know about whales?

whale Whales are the largest mammals that have ever lived on the blue planet. The Blue Whale for example is even larger than the largest dinosaurs. They are gigantic in size and weight, weighing up to 200 tones. We know today that some whale species can also reach significant age of over 200 years, that they have evolved over 18 millions years. Some whale species have a gestation period much longer than humans, thus a very slow reproduction rate, and they care for their young for many years. Their brains exhibit features of higher intelligence than human brains do... What do you know about whales' intelligence? Click here to find out more...

Irene Schleining, Founder of Whale of a Time, commented, “Our award-winning events bring joy, creativity and education to young and old and enrich our culture with the spirit of nature, whilst promoting community wellbeing and environmental sustainability.”

Time to have a...
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Whale of a Time is riding the wave of change, promoting successful stewardship of our planet. Whale of a Time organises creative and fun, inspiring and empowering events on environmental issues to encourage active participation living a sustainable lifestyle inspired by a positive attitude. We engage young and old from all walks of life through the Whale of a Time Community, the Whale of a Time Workshop and the Whale of a Time Festival.

“Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” — Albert Einstein

Since 2007 we have reached and inspired over 28,000 visitors with our creative message. Our work has been recognised by many national, community, health and environmental awards schemes such as the London Archant Envrionmental Awards, NHS Community Well-being Awards, London Archant Business Awards, Future Friendly Awards, London Peace Awards.

Whale of a Time Workshop

environment The Whale of a Time Workshop is an educational, therapeutic, hands-on and fun activity, where young and old are able to model whales and other endangered species out of clay, and at the same time nurture creative skills, confidence and team bonding whilst raising awareness and learning about the environment, biodiversity and sustainability and having a whale of a time!

The clay modelling workshops are suitable for children and adults. We provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can learn everything about endangered animal and plant species. Read more....

Event partners and participants are encouraged to leave their feedback in the Whale of a Time Guestbook (read comments).

All artwork is displayed in the Whale of a Time Gallery during the event as well as online.

  • Little Big Peace Festival 2012
  • Lambeth Country Show 2012
  • Mayor's Thames Festival 2012
  • Green Roadshow 2012
  • Furzedown Festival 2012
  • Eastbrookend Country Fair 2012
  • Redbridge Carnival 2012
  • Flying the Flags 2012
  • Fired and Glazed Models Collection 2012
  • Beam Parklands 2012
  • Hawthorns School 2012
  • WhaleFest 2011
  • Beamparklands 2011
  • NAGC Explorers' Club 2011
  • Redbridge Peace Concert 2011
  • Green Roadshow 2011
  • Thames Festival 2011
  • Redbridge Carnival 2011
  • Gaunt's House Summer Gathering 2011
  • Green Gathering 2011
  • Coastal Capers 2011
  • Eco City Living in Islington 2011
  • Beam Parklands 2011
  • London Green Fair 2011
  • Eco Schools
  • Stockwell Festival 2010
  • Mayor's Thames Festival 2010
  • Urban Green Fair 2010
  • Petanque in the Park 2010
  • Green Man 2010
  • Lambeth Country Show 2010
  • Fired and Glazed
  • Streatham Festival 2010
  • Stockwell Festival 2009
  • Streatham Festival 2009
  • Waveform Festival 2008
  • Earl's Court - Sail Power and Watersports Show 2008
  • Stockwell Festival 2008
  • Young Carers 2008
  • Synergy Project 2008
  • Synergy Project 2007
  • Waveform Project 2007
  • Earl's Court Boat Show 2007
  • Big Green Gathering 2007
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Whale Of A Time flyer

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

Whale of a Time Community

blue planet, whale of a time logo The Whale of a Time Community is a creative platform for community evolution. In the Whale of a Time Community we are expressing ourselves creatively whilst having a whale of a time and raising awareness about environmental issues. We hope to draw attention to important issues that have a huge environmental impact on our planet. We offer a platform for people of all walks of life to share their inspirations through their creative message in which we aim to reflect the beauty of nature. Read more...

Join the Whale of a Time Community of environmentally-aware people including experts, artists, musicians, film-makers, photographers, writers and campaigners. Let's share our passion to take care of the Earth whilst inspiring people around the world. Become a Whale of a Time Artist!

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as life lasts.” — Rachel Carson

Whale of a Time Festival

whale of a time festival The Whale of a Time Festival is an inspiring and empowering way of getting involved in social and environmental issues through exclusive film screenings by award-winning environmental film-makers, informative discussions with leading environmental and social researchers, sustainable art exhibitions, music performances and the Whale of a Time Workshop in celebration of the Earth. Read more....

Whale of a Time is...

...Creative and Hands-on

We aim to express ourselves creatively about our environment and enrich our culture with the spirit of nature, to achieve cultural change and build on a beautiful relationship with our environment. Whale of a Time facilitates an inspiring and therapeutic atmosphere where you can discover a world full of life, positive energy and artistry whilst connecting with other artists, the whole family and members of the community.

"Our creative message focuses on the beauty in nature. We believe that only if we understand the true beauty we can appreciate what we have, be inspired and have the passion and will to save it." Irene Schleining, Founder, Whale of a Time

...Inspiring and Therapeutic

Whale of a Time is based on a motivating spirit and nourishes a positively charged, healthy and creative community spirit strengthened by social and environmental values. Creative and hands-on exploration of the natural world helps to enrich our bond with nature. Being actively engaged and learning new skills in clay modelling is therapeutic and supports community well-being.

...Exploring and Finding Solutions

Participants can not only explore their knowledge about endangered species but also investigate ways we can actively change our behaviours towards a sustainable society with less impact on the environment and find ways to take steps to preserve endangered species.

...Positive and Pro-active

Whale of a Time supports positive and pro-active involvement with our society and our planet. People are able to rediscover their roots in nature. Our vision is to saw seeds to create a peaceful, morally just, humane and sustainable society, while ensuring survival of all species and their natural habitats. 

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." — Albert Einstein

...Motivating and Educational

Our aim is to incorporate environmental education into social studies for the general public and schools. Our target age groups are children, young people and adults. We work largely with children and young people at community and environmental festivals, and in schools and youth clubs.

"As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality."

...Empowering Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Whale of a Time aims to empower individuals, to guide the general public, to influence sustainable government policies and to inspire sustainable corporate responsibility through environmental and social awareness. You can get involved through volunteering, funding and sponsorship opportunities. Together we can move mountains and make miracles happen!

For upcoming events keep an eye on the Whale Diary

For previous events please view Whale Reviews.

The website has links to everything you need to know on endangered species and sustainable living on our planet. Find out how to Get Involved!

Stay tuned through the Whale Mail

Whale of a Time Vision

Community and Environmental Wellbeing

There has never been a more urgent time to elevate our consciousness. Especially in times of social and environmental change people need to be able to re-connect with their Earth. We are connected in the web of life and all life in Earth has inherent rights to life. Community wellbeing is intrinsically interlinked with a healthy ecosystem. Our vision is to support community and environmental wellbeing for a sustainable society living in harmony with our planet.

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

Nature Conservation

Biodiversity is fundamental for life on Earth. Many species have been perceived as endangered because of hunting, habitat loss, deforestation and degradation, chemical and noise pollution, global climate change, unmonitored by-catches, poaching, pirating, accidents and disturbance. We need to think of ways in which we can change our attitude and behaviours, enforce laws and regulate access to fragile ecosystems for the greater benefit of the Earth as a living organism.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more men!” — Albert Einstein

Whale of a Time is devoted to maintain peace, freedom and respect for all life forms and to live in harmony and peace with each other and all living beings on Earth. Our primary objective is to empower individuals to create change within our society through their own passion and motivation. Your actions in effect lead to influence government policy makers and corporations via public demand giving rise to policy change.

Earth Community Values

We promote individuals, organisations or companies that support the values of protecting and preserving the Earth and the whole of the Earth Community, including indigenous communities, ocean and rainforest communities, such as whale societies and orangutan communities, natural habitats and ecosystems and all that is alive.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

On behalf of the whales and the living Earth we'd like to extend our deep appreciation to everyone who has, is and will be involved supporting our mission to raise awareness of endangered species and sustainability on Earth with Whale of a Time.

Have a Whale of a Time!

Whale of a Time Community

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