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London, December 2007

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Dear Friend of the Whale,

Do you know who I am? I'm the world’s largest, most ancient, intelligent and most peaceful mammal and I don't have any natural predators except humans. I live twice a human lifetime, and I dominate the oceans peacefully whilst maintaining my environment in a sustainable way. I don’t kill other intelligent life forms. My food consumption and energy use is highly efficient. I've been around for about 14 million years and I can measure up to 30m in length and weigh up to 200 tonnes. I'm the icon for success in evolution. Who am I?

Whale of a Mission

Whale of a Time Whale of a Time exists to enrich our global culture with the spirit of nature, to achieve cultural change and build a beautiful relationship with our environment. We provide a tool for individuals to take action and to inspire people to live in harmony with animals and our environment. We are on a
Whale of a Mission.

Whale of a Time is devoted to supporting successful stewardship of our planet, to create a peaceful, morally just, humane and sustainable culture, while respecting the values of all animals and ensuring survival of all species. The project draws from the example of peaceful stewardship of the oceans by the great Whales.

Blue Whale Experience

Humpback Whale Whale of a Time is planning to build a life-size blue whale sculpture to create an experience about the life in the Oceans. The whale is part of the great human turn around to save the planet. The whale will be filled with audio-visual messages to portray the beauty of these majestic creatures and the Oceans. These could be in form of music, animation, film or art. We welcome contributions to the project.

Whale of a Time Species Sculpting Workshops

Dom Mee workshopWhale of a Time provides an opportunity for children and adults to make a model of their favourite marine species. Over 500 people used their artistic skills to sculpt dolphins, starfish, whales, octopi, basking sharks, great white sharks, a frog and even a penguin with a snorkel. This summer we have been working at the Sunrise, Glade, Big Green Gathering and Waveform Festival. workshop Elle MacphersonWe have been running the workshop at the Synergy Project in London Bridge and recently we were present at the Earl's Court Boat Show. Whale of a Time raises awareness of endangered species. Celebrity attendees included Dom Mee the famous rower and Elle Macpherson, Hollywood actress who attended with her children at the Earl's Court Boat Show.

Responses included the following:

Max (7) said, "It was very fun and exciting."

Paul (10) said, "It was the best thing I ever did."

Jenny (13) said, "I really enjoyed it, the highlight of my day!"

Helen (17) said, "Thank you for giving us the chance to make the clay models of a polar bear. We really enjoyed working with the clay and learning about the endangered species! This is so important!"

Joseph (29) said, "I'm 29 years old and thought this workshop was amazing, I wish you all the success."

Dom Mee said, "Very cool. Save the whales."

Sally (42) said, "The workshop is a wonderful idea and a great way to get children and adults interested in animal conservation. Loved the clay!"

View photos of artists in action and their master pieces at Projects in the Whale of a Time Workshop Gallery. Book your workshop today!

Become a Whale of a Time Artist

workshop Whale of a Time Artists contribute to enrich our culture and to connect and to inspire people to live in harmony with planet earth and animals. We promote artists who draw their inspiration from nature. The Whale of a Time Artist Space comprises of music, art, photography, animation, writings, documentary and film.

cd Inspirations of Wildlife - Now Open for Entries in 2008!
We're looking for musicians to contribute to the Whale of a Time Album titled "Wilderness Inspirations". Please send an email to info@whaleofatime.org with your song attached and/or a web link to your music.

Right-whaleAdopt your Favourite Animal!
We have one hundred animals available for adoption. Please choose your favourite species from Friends of the Whale. All these animals need a friend. Describe the things that inspire you about these animals and the threats that these animal species are facing today as well as solutions to solve the problems. Send your message in form of a visual presentation by email to info@whaleofatime.org.

Whale of a Time Shop

You can buy Marine Life cuddly pillows,
Whale of a Time Artists Cds
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Cyberstarlet - web design, graphic design and content management, workshops
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Xpress Duplication - donation of paper and printing of flyers and leaflets
Michael Norton - Support and good advice

Thank you for all your support!
Friends of the Whale wish you a Whale of a New Year!

Happy Whales xx :)


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