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Whale of a Time Review - Previous events

Eastbrookend Country Fair 2015

16th - 17th July 16
15:30 - 19:00 pm

Whale of a Time at Lambeth Country Show
@ Brockwell Park, Norwood Rd., SE24 9BJ
Find Whale of a Time in the Arts & Culture Zone at the Cultivate Participation Marquee (see AC4 PARTICIPATION - on the "event area map")
Nearest Railway Station: Herne Hill
Nearest Underground: Brixton Station Buses: 68, 196, 322, 468

Event Area Map
Brockwell Park Map
Google Map
Gallery 16
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Whale Review 16
Whale Review 15
Whale Review 14
Whale Review 13
Whale Review 12
Whale Review 10

After our successful and inspiring workshops at previous years at the Lambeth Country Show, Whale of a Time was once again back for more clay sculpting action. Our events aim to engage the local community with today's most pressing environmental issues concerning endangered species, whilst promoting proactive and motivating ways to participate in environmental protection and environmental sustainability for future generations.

Amy Williams Manager of Arts & Culture Zone at Lambeth Country Show commented, "Whale of a time once again had the Arts & Culture tent packed out with enthusiastic kids and parents creating clay masterpieces and learning about endangered species. It's a fantastic workshop that I would recommend to anyone wanting to sneak a bit of education into children's play."

"It's so great to just make clay together. I love it!"

"I had the whalest of times!", commented Tylly

"What a great time! Yay cool thanks!"

"What a time to be alive!"

"What a brilliant day! So many lovely people, amazing creations! We all had a whale of a time!", commented Cat

"This was creative and it was very fun! enjoyed it a lot!", commented Saira

"Good fun! kids done this activity last year and really enjoy it, they made sure to come again! Good fun!"

"The kids were delighted to have the freedom to do what they wanted, inspired by the animal photos. It really brought out their creativity. Thank you!"

"I enjoyed it because you got to do it without instructions. Thank you!"

"It was great fun making my sculpture. They all look epic. please visit again!," commented Sienna

"I enjoyed getting very messy!"

"I enjoyed making a baby panda, because they are endangered and people kill them and they et eaten by firs animals."

"Best day ever!", commented Josh

"Best show in the world", commented Joelle

barking-endofsummerparty 2015

26th June 2016
11 am - 4 pm

Whale of a Time at Eastbrookend Country Fair
@ The Millennium Centre, The Chase, Dagenham Road, Rush Green, Romford, Essex RM7 0SS
Closest Tube Station: Dagenham East
Please note: Dagenham East is about a 15min walk the country park, alternatively the 174 bus stops at the top of the road and is a 2 minute walk to the park.

Event Flyer (pdf)
Location map
Whale Review 16
Whale Review 15
Whale Review 14
Whale Review 12
Gallery 16
Gallery 15
Gallery 14
Gallery 12
Google Map

A whale of a time was had by all despite of water puddles on site this well organised event has been a great success with all the great preparation and stunning nature site. The local community could come together once again to celebrate at the Eastbrookend Country Fair and join in making their favourite endangered species in clay.

Loretta Hoy, Outreach and Education Ranger, Ranger Service, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, commented, "Whale of a time once again proved ever popular at the Eastbrookend Country Fair this year! It was a mini glastonbury on the day following torrential downpours the night before, but this didn't deter people and hunderds of people came to the event. Our events just wouldnt be the same without Irene and her fantastic team. We love the fantastic message that Whale of a time depict through their creative workshops! A huge thank you from me and the rest of the Ranger team."

Participants commented as follows:

"Nice workshop!"

"Very creative, it made me feel connected with nature!"

Whale of a Time Crew 2007 - 2016 - Powered by Whale Power
whale of a time volunteers

Thanks to our wonderful dedicated team of Whale of a Time Volunteers powered by whale power and supporting the Whale of a Time Workshop, we reached out to over 28,000 people with our message to take care of our planet since 2007! Flukes up for Whale of a Time Volunteers! View the Whale of a Time Crew Gallery

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

“Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”— Albert Einstein

Time to have a...
Whale of a Time

Whale of a Time Workshop with Elle Macpherson
Photo: Elle Macpherson and children at Whale of a Time Workshop, Earl's Court Boat Show

Are you looking for an exciting activity for your events? Especially in times of social and environmental change people need to be able to re-connect with their Earth. Whale of a Time can support your event and entertain your audience in a fun and creative way whilst raising awareness of the most pressuring environmental issues of today and supporting community and planetary wellbeing. We organise clay modelling workshops for children and adults based on endangered species. TheWhale of a Time Workshopmight be just what you are looking for!
In order to get a quote please fill out theWhale of a Time Workshop Booking Form(word doc) and return by email toinfo@whaleofatime.orgor give us a call on 020 8123 0325

Whale of a Time is organising holistic and participatory events on environmental issues with the aim to encourage sustainable living inspired by a positive attitude.

We work largely with young people at public events, local community festivals, as well as youth clubs and schools promoting ecological awareness. Our work has been recognised by many national community and environmental awards schemes.

Whale of a Time events have been run successfully at WhaleFest in Brighton, Mayor's Thames Festival, National Living Seas Programme at the National Marine Week, Lambeth Country Show, London Green Fair, Earl's Court Boat Show and many local community events across London and the UK

TheWhale of a Time Workshopis an educational, therapeutic, hands-on and fun activity, where young and old are able to model whales and other endangered species out of clay, and at the same time nurture creative skills, confidence and team bonding whilst raising awareness and learning about the environment, biodiversity and sustainability and having a whale of a time!

Richard Yeoward, former Vice President at WWF UK commented,"Conservation works best when the people are involved."

Andy (age 13) said,"It was the best event of the whole festival!"

logo, whale of a time Creative & Educational for Young & Old: For yourfamily & kids areaat your event.Whale of a Time Gallery
logo, whale of a time Environmentally-conscious Events: Inspire people about sustainability whilst supporting environmental wellbeing.
View workshop information(online)
Download printable Workshop Information(pdf)
logo, whale of a time Therapeutic for Community Well-being :Clay-modelling is relaxing, clay is rich in minerals and non-toxic.Workshop Reviews
logo, whale of a time Public Events & Schools: Mobile, outdoors and indoors.
Workshop Requirements
logo, whale of a time Capacity of up to 500 participants per day!
Participants' and Clients' Comments

logo, whale of a time Each individual chooses an endangered animal or plant species. We work from wildlife photographs and participants create their personal art pieces, whilst exploring the natural world. The workshop methods are based on modeling techniques, where participants learn how to use clay-sculpting tools whilst discovering their artistic skills.

In order to get a quote please fill out theWhale of a Time Workshop Booking Form(word doc) and return by email toinfo@whaleofatime.orgor give us a call on 020 8123 0325

whale of a time workshop telephone number 0208 8123 0325

Creative and Educational for Young and Old

During the Whale of a Time® Workshop we facilitate a safe and inspiring environment for participants to explore and express their creativity. The artistic process is supported by creative workshop leaders, who have experience working with children and adults of all age groups. Workshop leaders hold a CRB. logo, whale of a time

boy with elephantIan Rowlands, Co-Founder Planet Whale, WhaleFest commented,"A big part of what's made this event so cool is having Whale of a Time here. The kids have loved it. It's been a huge buzz all around the stand all day. The best thing we ever did was have these guys come here.”

Tiphaine Tailleux, Project Manager, Mayor's Thames Festival commented,"An absolutely brilliant way to spend an afternoon by the Thames, come rain or shine. Thank you Whale of a Time for inspiring children to take an interest in our fellow creatures whilst making beautiful clay sculptures at the same time. We loved having you at the Thames Festival for a fourth year running!"

Promote your “green credentials” & support ecological awareness!

chinese girl with dolphin
If we see the true beauty in nature, we can appreciate what we have and have the will and passion to save it. During the Whale of a Time Workshop we discuss the most pressing environmental issues of today and we aim to find pro-active and positive solutions to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Mark Brownlow, BBC Producer, “Ocean Giants”, commented,"It's things like this, which will really inspire people to get aware of the plight of whales and dolphins and do something about it. It's a fun way of engaging people."

Andy Hope, Green Roadshow Organiser commented,"Once again it was wonderful to have you all along - your enthusiasm and commitment to educating the kids about marine life is refreshing and just what the planet needs."

african elephant african lion asian elephant alpine ibex amur leopard
ancient woodland
Whale of a Time Workshop
atlas moth
killifish black-browed albatross
bechstein's bat chimpanzee
black rhino bowhead whale bengal tiger bumble bee barbary macaque

Support community wellbeing

Community wellbeing is intrinsically interlinked with a healthy ecosystem. Clay-sculpting is therapeutic and participants have the opportunity to find their roots in nature.

girl with two modelsLucy Smith, Public Health Manager at NHS Lambeth, said:“As part of the Lambeth mental wellbeing programme and work to improve access to psychological therapies, we have funded these workshops with the aim of increasing awareness of ways in which people can actively improve their wellbeing."

whale of a timeSyed Haque, Community Leaders and Engagement Manager, Strategic Commissioning and Community Directorate, London Borough of Newham commented, "Whale of a Time clay modelling was by far one of the most popular intergenerational activities at the event."

Workshop Capacity: Up to 500 active participants per day

boy with elephant During community events and festivals participants have the opportunity to wander in and out and get creative whilst bonding with families and friends and the whole of the community. We offer custom-designed programmes for schools and we can facilitate the whole school in a full day. Maximum capacity at any one time is 60 participants.

whale of a timeVenetia Harpin, Events Officer, Lambeth Events Service, commented,"Whale of a Time once again to be a very popular workshop at this year's Lambeth Country Show. It was great that they were so organised, with plenty of helpers on hand. By the end of the afternoon we had tables and tables of wonderful animals!"

Public Events & Schools: Mobile, outdoors and indoors

boy with elephant
The Whale of a Time Workshop is mobile and can be hired to complement educational projects at schools, as well as an attraction for families and kids areas at community events, exhibitions and festivals, outdoors and indoors

boy with elephantJo Hill, Hawthorn School, Science Week Coordinator,"Thanks again for a fantastic day - I know all the kids had a great time."

Anna Godsiff, Streatham and Stockwell Festival Manager said,"Whale of a Time is number one on my list for children' activities."

Loretta Hoy, Beam Parklands Community Ranger, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham commented,

"Many thanks to your team! Absolute pleasure to have Whale of a Time there. As always the workshops proved extremely popular. The friendly, professional and approachable staff is an asset to Whale of a Time. The children who attended the event had a whale of a time, as did the fellow rangers and myself!"

Whale of a Time Gallery

All artwork is displayed in the Whale of a Time Gallery during the events andonline

  • Little Big Peace Festival 2012
  • Lambeth Country Show 2012
  • Mayor's Thames Festival 2012
  • Green Roadshow 2012
  • Furzedown Festival 2012
  • Eastbrookend Country Fair 2012
  • Redbridge Carnival 2012
  • Flying the Flags 2012
  • Fired and Glazed Models Collection 2012
  • Beam Parklands 2012
  • Hawthorns School 2012
  • WhaleFest 2011
  • Beamparklands 2011
  • NAGC Explorers' Club 2011
  • Redbridge Peace Concert 2011
  • Green Roadshow 2011
  • Thames Festival 2011
  • Redbridge Carnival 2011
  • Gaunt's House Summer Gathering 2011
  • Green Gathering 2011
  • Coastal Capers 2011
  • Eco City Living in Islington 2011
  • Beam Parklands 2011
  • London Green Fair 2011
  • Eco Schools
  • Stockwell Festival 2010
  • Mayor's Thames Festival 2010
  • Urban Green Fair 2010
  • Petanque in the Park 2010
  • Green Man 2010
  • Lambeth Country Show 2010
  • Fired and Glazed
  • Streatham Festival 2010
  • Stockwell Festival 2009
  • Streatham Festival 2009
  • Waveform Festival 2008
  • Earl's Court - Sail Power and Watersports Show 2008
  • Stockwell Festival 2008
  • Young Carers 2008
  • Synergy Project 2008
  • Synergy Project 2007
  • Waveform Project 2007
  • Earl's Court Boat Show 2007
  • Big Green Gathering 2007
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Whale of a Time Videos

Watch the Whale of a Time Workshop video at Earl's Court Boat Show

Watch the Whale of a Time Workshop video at Streatham Festival

Whale of a Time Reviews

The Whale of a Time Workshop has been run successfully atTotally Thames and Barking Park End of Summer Party 2015,Lambeth Country Show 2015,Eastbrookend Country Fair 201girl with her clay model5,Spooktacular at Eastbrookend Country Park 2014,Totally Thames 2014,The Lambeth Country Show 2014,Eastbrookend Country Fair 2014, Tree of Life (Austria),Spooktacular at Eastbrookend Country Park,Mayor's Thames Festival 2010 - 2012, Lambeth Country Show 2010 and 2012, Green Roadshow 2011 - 2012,WhaleFest in Brighton & Hove2011, Furzedown Festival 2012,Redbridge Carnival 2011 - 2012,National Living Seas Programme during the National Marine Week,London Green Fair 2011,Gaunt's House Summer Gathering 2011,Green Man 2010,the Big Green Gathering 2007 and 2011,London Urban Green Fair 2010,Sail Power and Watersports Show 2008andEarl's Court Boat Show 2007, where we provided the main attraction for a children and family zone. We have also experience working with special needs children -Lambeth X Roads- as well asschoolsand many other events. DownloadWhale of a Time Reviews

Whale of a Time Comments

People love the Whale of a Time Workshop!

Organisers' comments


Photo above: Vicky (Exhibition Coordinator), Sarah Brook, wife of James Brook (MD of the Sail, Power and Motor Show, right) and children having a whale of a time making models of seawaves, frogs, turtles and many more marine species at the Earl's Court Boatshow, "Sail, Power and Motor Show"

James Brooke, Show’s Managing Director at the Sail, Power & Motor Show, said,"Thank you so much! You've made the show!"

Sarah Brooke, wife of James Brook said,"My sons couldn't wait to get back to do the workshop. They love it! Not only do the children love this but I feel I’ve gone back to my artistic days. So much fun you have to be here next year.”

Ruth Claricoates, Barking & Dagenham Community Park Ranger, commented,"Whale of a time has been the most popular event out of all of them (Barking & Dagenham Community Park events) in the whole year.”

Bhupesh Thapa, West Area Parks Manager, Environment & Regeneration Department, Islington Council said,"We were so happy to have Whale of a Time at our event at Barnard Park. The kids loved the workshop, which was very professionall run. We look forward to having Whale of Time back in Islington and would highly recommend the workshop.

Participants' Comments

Robin Brooke, father of James Brooke, Earl's Court Boatshow, said“This has been a fun experience for all the family and has made the kids more aware of the importance of our wonderful sea creatures.”

Dom Mee, famous rower who crossed the Atlantic, said,“Very cool. Save the whales.”

Hedre (mother, 44) said,“What a wonderful idea to make the children - young and old - aware!”

Nicola said,"Thank you for organising such a fantastic event and I will be in touch after speaking to my head teacher regarding a workshop."

Nathalie (mother) and Isabelle (daughter) said,“Had a lovely, fun time making animals with clay with friendly, helpful staff. Good luck with all your work.”

Read more comments...

Whale of a Time Awards

Whale of a Time won the London region of theFuture Friendly Awards 2011, theNHS Lambeth Community Wellbeing Competition 2010andMaking a Big Difference Award 2010,and was nominated for theLondon Peace Award 2010 and 2011, the Archant London Business Award 2010and theArchant London Environmental Awards 2009.

Peace Awards 2011 Future Friendly Awards 2011
peace awards, Boris Johnson, City Hall, Reverend Nims Obunge, Week of Peace
Whale of a Time Archant London Business Awards 2010
Whale of a Time Happiness in Lambeth
making a big difference award
making a big difference award

We'd be delighted to organise the Whale of a Time Workshop at your events, and provide an area of entertainment with educational purpose, while adding a creative and environmentally conscious element to the ambience.

Other links:
Download and print Whale of a Time Workshop Information (pdf)
Other downloads (Award Certificates, Press Releases...)

In order to get a quote please fill out theWhale of a Time Workshop Booking Form(word doc) and return by email toinfo@whaleofatime.orgor give us a call on 020 8123 0325

whale of a time workshop telephone number 0208 8123 0325

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