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Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Lambeth Country Show 2016.

Amy Williams Manager of Arts & Culture Zone at Lambeth Country Show commented, "Whale of a time once again had the Arts & Culture tent packed out with enthusiastic kids and parents creating clay masterpieces and learning about endangered species. It's a fantastic workshop that I would recommend to anyone wanting to sneak a bit of education into children's play."

"Thanks for such a fun experience!"

"It's so great to just make clay together. I love it!"

"I had the whalest of times!", commented Tylly

"What a great time! Yay cool thanks!"

"What a time to be alive!"

"What a brilliant day! So many lovely people, amazing creations! We all had a whale of a time!", commented Cat

"This was creative and it was very fun! enjoyed it a lot!", commented Saira

"Good fun! kids done this activity last year and really enjoy it, they made sure to come again! Good fun!"

"Very good! I made an elephant."

"The kids were delighted to have the freedom to do what they wanted, inspired by the animal photos. It really brought out their creativity. Thank you!"

"I enjoyed it because you got to do it without instructions. Thank you!"

"It was great fun making my sculpture. They all look epic. please visit again!," commented Sienna

"I enjoyed getting very messy!"

"I enjoyed making a baby panda, because they are endangered and people kill them and they et eaten by firse animals."

"Creative fun and lovely to focus on some of the endangered animals!"

"Best day ever!", commented Josh

"Best show in the world", commented Joelle

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Eastbrookend Country Fair 2016.

Loretta Hoy, Outreach and Education Ranger, Ranger Service, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, commented, "Whale of a time once again proved ever popular at the Eastbrookend Country Fair this year! It was a mini glastonbury on the day following torrential downpours the night before, but this didn't deter people and hunderds of people came to the event. Our events just wouldnt be the same without Irene and her fantastic team. We love the fantastic message that Whale of a time depict through their creative workshops! A huge thank you from me and the rest of the Ranger team."

"Nice workshop!"

"Very creative, it made me feel connected with nature!"

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Totally Thames 2015.

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work over the weekend. As ever your modelling workshop was hugely popular and everyone worked really hard. Thank you all so much!”, commented Helen Wilding, Production Coordinator, Thames Festival Trust, Totally Thames

“Excellent activity! Well organised! Very good resources. A tent of damp weather. Smiley volunteers. Entertaining for all ages. Thank you!”, commented a happy 59 year old

“Thanks, this is a wonderful workshop! We really enjoyed it. The imagination of my son is flying!”

“Have had a whale of a time!”, commented Katie, Crystal and Ava

“Best place ever!”, commented Avax

“We could help the environment by not cutting down trees or plants!”, commented Sophie Ford Renneberg

“Fun times making clay animals!”

“My name is Martha and I made a panda.”

“Fantastic! Thank you so much!”

“Kids are making dolphins!”

“I had a whale of a time!”, commented Marvey, age 7

“I had an amazing time making a husky!”, commented Janet age 4

“I had really fun! I made a snake!”, commented William, age 4 & Alex, age 1

“Thank you for the clay fun!”, commented Zoe

“Thank you so much! It was so much fun and you were all lovely”, commented Anna & Sarah, age 21

“Thank you from Claire and Manty!”

“Thanks it was fun!”, commented Gabriele, age 7

“I really enjoyed it! I love clay modelling!”, commented Jasmine

“I really liked it! More trees!”

“Great fun!”

“I had lots of fun! Love”, commented Lucas

“Great activity and nice people. Thank you!”

“Lots of fun! We want to be gentle with the leopard!”

“I really enjoyed it!”

“It was great!”

“It was a great time! Thanks!”

“I had a great time!”

“Don’t cut trees!”

“Thanks very much! We had a great day!”, commented Katie x

“Thank you so much!”

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Barking Park End of Summer Party 2015.

“A huge thank you to all whom attended the Barking End of Summer Party, the day was a huge success and it really wouldn’t have been a Ranger event without Irene and her fantastic Whale of a Time team.  Thank you for always being so much fun, engaging with our attendees and spreading a conservation message through your workshops!  I am sure we will be working together again soon”, commented Loretta Hoy, Park Ranger, Ranger Service, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

“My daughter had a great time making a leopard. Thank you!”

“Sofia & Aydin had a whale of a time!!!”

“Dyan + Amy loved it! x”

“My son Jack had a great time making his dragonfly! x”

“Tommy, Archie, Brooke & Harrison had a great time. thank you so much!”

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Lambeth Country Show 2015.

“Thank you again for your wonderful workshop over the weekend, it was really brilliant! Lauren Dettmar, Event Coordinator, Lambeth Country Show

“Brilliant workshop!”

“I really enjoyed spending some time to be creative amongst the busy show and atmosphere. It was very therapeutic!!!” Steph

“Good fun! We all had fun and got info, looking forward to your newsletter!”

“Very fun as well as different. So much fun!!!” Georgia Dearing

“A great cause, keep up the good work an keep raising attention.” Nall, Charlie, Anna

“Less fishing, stop hunting the animals”, Teea

“I love my bear! I want you feeling cared for.”

“Put a dolphin noise in and it will soon scar them and they will go away.” Nayla

“I had lots of fun making a reed bird.”

“It had a big trail. I spent 1 hour making my model.” ;-) Miah Dearing

“Lots of fun!” from the Williams family from Kent

“I really liked making my animal in clay and I’m happy with what i’ve done.” Lois-Lizzie

“Thank you! Isabella!”

“Thank you for letting me make my dolphin” Eleanor

“Thank you Rosa.”

“Thank you love Rosie

“It was really fun. I liked modelling a whale. Nazihah

“It was good. Go for it!”

“I really enjoyed this activity. Many thanks that’s great!”

“I had fun.” Albert

“It was a lot of fun!!!”

“Many thanks! vNice for the children and parents to create with hands and their imagination. I would like for the nature to stop all plastic bags everywhere not just supermarkets, but also shops. We need to come back to the past. Also fruits and vega instead of plastic bags in reusable containers etc. We need to produce more home composite in all boroughs to give back the earth ingredients. Stop chemicals in food production, additives, and in fruit and veg. Also sell them cheaper like in the past. Thanks!” Macarena

“Thank you we had such a creative fantastic time!”

“Marvellous, thanks!”

“Good fun!”

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Eastbrookend Country Fair 2015

”The Eastbrookend Country Fair for 2015 was a huge success this year with 6000 attendees. The children and parents whom attended has a fantastic time creating with the Whale of a Time team.  It is such a fun and creative way to learn about some really important and key issues in conservation. Thank you as ever to Irene and her fantastic team.  Our events just wouldn’t be the same without you there.” Loretta Hoy and Matt Wilson, Park Ranger, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

“Thanks, the children really enjoyed it. We still have the ones they made last year!”

“Thank you for the entertainment - it’s awesome!!”

“We need to help to educate the next generation. Be an influence and encourage them to use different products other than those that contain palm oil.”

“You should stop buying palm oil because animals need trees. thank you!”

“Turtles are endangered! We need them to live.”

“Very fun as well as different. So much fun!!!” Georgia Dearing

“It’s a great idea! thank you, my son enjoyed it very much!” NNAD

“Thank you for providing the clay to make my creativity flow.” Alisia

“Thank you the clay modelling was really fun. I loved it!” Priyer Gang

“Thank you! Muddy, messy for kids! Really enjoyed it!”

“Lot’s of bees die because of the pesticides, pesticides should be stop sprayed were the bees live. Thank you!”

“My dolphin likes to play. I like my dolphin very much. She likes swimming. Love from my Makumbi”

“We enjoyed meeting our animals. It was very fun!” Mason and Ellie xx

“Had a very happy day. It is so important to be outside and appreciating nature.”

“The kids really enjoyed the activity. Good job!”

“I had lots of fun making a reed bird. It had a big tail. I spent 1 hour making it.” Miah Dearines

“Don’t kill elephants!” Evie

“Thank you for the lovely time! With you all.”

“We had lots of fun!“ Family Haider

“Great idea, enjoyed very much!”

“We need to help endangered animals.”

“I had fun making a bee and a whale.”

“Grow your own vegetables - it is very therapeutic.”

“It was really fun. I liked modelling a whale.” Nazihah

“I liked this activity.” Teuta

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Spooktacular at Eastbrookend Country Park 2014

"Whale of a time was once again fantastic, when they appeared at our Halloween Spooktacular event on Friday 31st October. A twist on the theme saw local families making monsters from the deep and ghoulish figures as part of the event. The use of deep sea fish and organisms took event organiser Loretta Hoy back to her roots as a marine biologist. The workshop was brilliant and raised awareness of these often forgotten creatures. The workshop was excellent as ever and was a great addition to the Halloween themed event. Thank you once again to Irene and your wonderful team. I am sure we will see you all again soon in the borough as our events just wouldn’t be the same without you guys there!" commented Loretta Hoy, Park Ranger and Co-Organiser of "Spooktacular", Eastbrookend Country Park, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

”Kids have a great fun at Spooktacular Evening!”

”The best part was the “squashy clay!”

”Fun fun fun Clay, snakes, fun Clay!”

"I love your idea of informal education through play very much and would definitely love to get involved again if I had a chance to stay in the UK longer," commented Keurkoon

“I am 8 and I enjoyed it.”

”it’s fun because we like it because we made things.”

”We enjoyed the workshop. Thank you!” Jack + Kayleigh

”We enjoyed the clay making. Thanks!” Kelly + Nicole

”Kids had a lot of fun” :) C & T x

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop and its 5th year running at Totally Thames 2014

”Just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and your team for another great workshop which was as popular as ever. It is always so busy and it’s lovely to see parents and children working together to create something. I hope you enjoyed it. Here’s to the next time. Thanks.” commented by Helen Wilding, Production Coordinator, Thames Festival Trust, Totally Thames

“Fantastic modelling with clay whilst gazing as the river paradise”, commented Amanda

“Brilliant brilliant brilliant!!! Thank you!” commented Rum, Freddie & Barnaby xxx

“Wonderful project to help raise understanding of the environmental issues,” commented Idora

“I really loved making it because it was fun and beautiful! really enjoyed the this again - remember it well from last year and this year the little one was able to join too. thanks!” commented The Quinte family

“A fantastic activity for children,”

“My kids love coming every year to do this!”

“Wonderful but quite tricky”, commented by Safiya

“Stop buy fish or educate fisherman”, commented Lindsey Didl

“I thought this place was amazing! It can really get your hands dirty (liberty!) To save the environment too if you cut one tree, plant 3 or four.”

“Protect these amazing creatures, fantastic that this raises awareness and the kids can get creative. My daughter can’t wait for her duck to dry! keep up the good work! Thank you!”

“Very wonderful event for children and us all! Love it! Yayyyy!” commented by Helen

“I love whale of a time!”

“Thank you very much for a good activity.”

“Lots of fun”

“Find out where goods come from so you are an informed consumer.” FM

“Love the idea.” Nic

“Great fun! Abbie and family”

“I made panda and i did enjoy it. Look like I want to go again for the third time!” David

“Thanks for a great time!” Imogen (aged 3)

“My daughter and i loved it! Though we’re not very artistic,” commented Carol and Eliot (54 years)

“I loved the workshop”, commented Frank

“A really lovely workshop”

“It was a really fun experience,” commented Jo

“Great fun, I loved it,” commented Sophie

“Our family loved the workshop! Thank you!”

“Thank you I had a great time!” commented Charlotte


“Tweet - a - woat!”

“Do not cut the trees!”

“Stop using tiger fur as clothing!”

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Lambeth Country Show 2014

"Whale of a time came back for a fourth year to Lambeth Country Show. It’s always a pleasure having this creative bunch coming to host our workshops in the Cultivate area. There were some really amazing pottery creations, and even amidst the down poor of showers, whale of a time still trooped on. If you haven’t had the chance to get creative with these guys – you’re missing out!", commented Camilla Baker, Event Co-ordinator, Lambeth Country Show, Lambeth Events & Film Service, Lambeth Council

"All was simply wonderful too! Shame about the rain on Sunday afternoon though.", commented Venetia Harpin, Events Officer, Lambeth Events Service, Campaigns and Communications, Lambeth Council

"Best show! Great for the kids!", commented Marcus

"Thank you, very good fun!", Mamda

"Great idea! Good fun x What a great place to shelter from the rain" :) R x

"It is very rainy but it is really fun", commented Finn

"We had a whale of a time!"

"It was smashing and fun and rainy creations, a bit sticky but quite cool!"

"I'm scared of the thunder but it was fun!", commented Frank the twinbrother of Finn.

"We can have one last go! Wonderful workshop, wonderful music! See you next year!

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Eastbrookend Country Fair 2014

"Thank you once again to the Whale of a Time team for attending our Country Fair at Eastbrookend Country Park. As always the workshop was a complete success and was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of wildlife and conservation issues in the borough. The children and adults all enjoyed themselves, exposing their artistic talents with the tactile clay modelling. We will undoubtedly be in touch for some of our future events as whale of a time is always one of our main attractions. Thank you once again.” Loretta Hoy, Beam Parklands Community Ranger, Parks and Environmental Design, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

"Here is so much fun. I really enjoyed it here with my family and all the activities."

"I loved making an animal. thank you for the great time!"

"My girls loved making animals, lovely day!"

"This was the best day out!"

"Kids really enjoyed lovely day thanks"

"We really enjoyed making our "Horton" elephant"

"Macie and Georgie Horter enjoyed making their clay animals"

"Many thanx, the children enjoyed this thoroughly!" A. J. Chatters

"Carol enjoyed making the dinosaur of clay"

"Jimmy - had lots of fun clay modelling and made a killer whale"

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at Tree of Life (Seedcamp) in 2014 (Kautzen, Austria)

"Thx´s a lot, Irene, for you marvelous °Whale of a Time° - Workshop. "Unsere Wale sind das Gedächtnis der Welt und die Hüter der Zeit..." [Our whales are the memory of the world and the keepers of time], Stefan Stein, Tree of Life / Seedcamp, Festival Organiser

"Wirklich geniale Fotos von einem genialen Workshop!!!" :-) [Really fantastic fotos of a fantastic workshop!!! :-)] Heidi Schmidt

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at The Plaistow Summer Festival 2013

"Excellent work by the workshop to make us aware of the problems." Busha xxx

Yurate "This is a lovely creative event, to bring awareness of the environment. Keep on!" xxx

Sara - "I really enjoyed it as never have time to do something creative."

"I would like to save the turtles because they are living things and they have feelings", commented Fatima, Whale of a Time Volunteer

"We do this at Plaistow festival. We enjoyed it so much we are doing this again. Really good fun."

"I made a starfish and i like it because there really beautiful. I like snails because they are small. To save fishes and starfish and turtles you shouldn't litter inside the water."

"Let's saver tigers! We must save them so our kids can see them in the future!"

Michel - "The birds are amazing. you should save them!"

"There are not many lions left in the world."

"Zakiya and Rayhena want to save their elephant and their snake by protecting their environment and save them from cutting down trees. Diana wants to save her tiger by giving charities money so they might help them."

Tolish - "Support charities so we can protect the rhino."

Lara, age 7 - "Help to protect the animals' homes and recycle!"

Dionne - "Help animals and people and give them a shelter."

Kyra - "I want to save the leopards."

Fatima - "Don't cut trees!"

"I want to support bears!"

"This child did a whale and wants to save them in the ocean."

"I would like animals to live and not die."

"I would like global warming to stop so penguins could live at their homes."

"Stop using chemicals and save butterflies to make sure they live everywhere!"

"I wanna save moths because they are beautiful lovely creatures."

Rahmeen - "We have to take care of them, instead of chopping down the trees. We can help the animals to have their home."

Mehwish - "I want to save the worms."

Shamimaer - "I was very good and nice to do."

Beatrice - "I enjoyed it and i really like sharks."

Khizer - "I found it challenging but it was creative."

Samia - "I want to save the wild cats. The time is ticking and the wild cats need help."

Nicola - "I like the idea, very creative, only good activity in this event. Looking forward to more." xxx

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at The Thames Festival 2013

Stef, RSPB, Greater Thames, commented, "Lovely to meet you! What a great idea - fun and educational! Look forward to possibly working with you."

Una, Thames Festival Publicity - "Thanks for the whale! What a fantastic workshop! I love it."

Tiphaine, Thames Festival, commented, "An absolutely brilliant way to spend an afternoon by the Thames, come rain or shine. Thank you Whale of a Time for inspiring children to take an interest in our fellow creatures, whilst making beautiful clay sculptures at the same time. We loved having you at the Thames Festival for a fourth year running. Thank you!"

"I had such an amazing time at Whale of a Time, Thames Festival! I met some incredible inspiring people and will carry on to make a difference to our planet a better place to live", commented Thimedi, Whale of a Time Volunteer

"I had a really lovely time and enjoyed sharing my art skills with others. A memorable experience which has inspired me to carry on being creative", commented Rebecca Lee, Whale of a Time Volunteer

"Good times we love dolphin on a rock, chimpanzee and splat by Alma! Project managed by Hawkes MGT SuS. HMS"

"I'd like whale of a time should have a base. You should do parties and have coffee, advertise at schools. We need to be kinder to the environment! don't throw away plastic bags, cruise ships need to stop throwing their garbage on the other side, stop cutting down trees! Thank you!"

"We should be watching what we buy, get fair trade products, making sure I don't buy products from far away places, recycling as much as possible."

"Stop killing the orang-utans, cutting down their homes."

"I really recommend to come back again!"

Alicia - "Try and let more people know about endangered animals and how to save them."

Jesus V. - "Take killer whales out of captivity and the entertainment business."

"It has been really nice to volunteer with you and help children realise that certain animals are endangered." - Volunteer

"Thank you for lots of fun! Save the rhinos!" Zoe and Leipia, Cape Town.

"Thomas had a lovely time making Windowitz! Thanks!"

"Fantastic fun for the children! Many thanks!" July Moktaelir

"I had lots of fun making my pot smoking Panda, Thank you!"

"Fantastic opportunity! My children loved creating some amazing clay animals. Thank you!"

"The children loved making the animals! Thanks for the help too."

"Our first clay modelling experience with lovely encouraging people to help."

"Had a great time today!"

"Great workshop, never seen so much excitement for endangered animals. Keep it up!"

"This was a great experience! Well enjoyed! Thank you!"

"It was fun!" Ciera

"This is such an awesome idea! Me and my boyfriend had lots of fun making our elephants and we also became aware of the many endangered animals" xxx

"Thank you for a fantastic time! It's great for all the family! Thank you!" Alison and Kasse

"Fantastic idea! Well done! We really enjoyed the afternoon and the activity!" Claire

"Wonderful opportunity to feel clay and try out 3D skills. Thank you!" Janice and Rowland

"It was fun and i had a great day! The day was very appealing and very fun time. Thank you!"

"Thank you for this rare opportunity to make a lovely creature. We've done a monkey. I've tried this first time in my live and it was so great. Awaiting to repeat it soon."

"Lois and Lee - made a lovely fish. It was great fun."

"We love it, it was great fun." Francis and Corailie

"I had a fun time" xxx

"I had a brilliant time here" Marina

"We love this activity and it was great fun time!" Vaishnaivi

"Great activity, kids and adults had fun!" Liz

"Please come back again next year! The kids loved it." Kim

"Excellent, my daughter came back two days running! She loved it. So did i. Great fun and very educational too. A good combination of both. It made learning fun! Thank you! Please return next year!" Rene and Alicia Dexa

"Great activity for a good cause! What's not to like?" Phil

"No more orcas in captivity!" Michelen

"Reciclar para salvar el planeta. Recycle to save the planet."

Whale of a Time is proud to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Leytonstone Big Weekender 2013

Organiser's Comment included:

"Thank you for your part in making the Waltham Forest ‘Big Weekender’ event at Cathall park on 7 September such a memorable occasion for our local community", commented Margaret Agana Community Development Arts Officer, Waltham Forest Council.

Participants' Comments included:

"Wish you the best of luck!" Mayor of Waltham Forest

"Lovely idea for a family outing! Thank you!" Sandra

"Fantastic workshop. Lovely people! Many thanks!" Sam

"Had a great time today, enjoyed every minute of it. Had fun with the clay and chilcren. Love to do it again sometime." Riswan Haji, Whale of a Time Volunteer

"Grace Price age 6 1/2, had a lovely messy time making a jellyfish mummy, however also enjoyed making a mushroom! Better still we get to take it home as a treaure! Thank you!"

"This day was lovely! I really had a whale of a time! I loved modelling with clay all those lovely animals!" Carlos Asensio, Whale of a Time Volunteer

"Sarah made a harper seal and a lion! (Roar!) Thank you for a fun day!"

"What a lovely idea. My son made a platterperson and I made a seahorse. Thank you!" Alison P.

Whale of a Time is proud to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Green Roadshow 2013

Organiser's Comments included:

Andy Hope, Green Roadshow organiser commented, "Once again it was wonderful to have you all along - your enthusiasm and commitment to educating the kids about marine life is refreshing and just what the planet needs."

Participants Comments included:

"It was very informative and a very good way to et your message out!" Loraine

"Brilliant fun and a good way for the children to learn about animals." "It was super fun!"

"I love making a lot of things trying new things and I come every year and I love it." Veronica

"I love making stuff out of clay. I made a star and it was really fun! I would love to come here next year!"

"I made a dog out of clay."

"I made a tortoise and it was really really good."

"I did a Mayi Dolphin and it looked really good and I worked really hard to achieve it and I will help the Maui Dolphins by donting!"

"I did a lizard. It's really nice."

"I think that it isvery fun and educational!"

"Thank you for letting me do this!"

"It is fun!" Holly

Whale of a Time is proud to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Lambeth Country Sow 2013

Venetia Harpin, Events Officer, Lambeth Events Service, commented, "Whale of a Time once again to be a very popular workshop in the Cultivate Zone at this year's Lambeth Country Show. It was great that they were so organised, with plenty of helpers on hand. By the end of the afternoon we had tables and tables of wonderful animals!"

Yili Fu, Whale of a Time Volunteer, commented, "The event on 21st July was really as great as before, and I also met both old friends and new friends. Our workshop successfully attracted both children and adult to create clay model. Everything is just perfect, children, parents, young people and staffs were all enjoying the time and sunshine."

Welly Edjenguele, Whale of a Time Volunteer commented, "I have really enjoyed volunteering with you during the Lambeth country show. The event gave us the occasion to be surrounded by more children. It was fantastic to help them shape their favourite animals... I have greatly enjoy working with the new team. I believe we were all happy to share whale of a time ideas about endangered species."

Whale of a Time is proud to have organised the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Family Fun Day at Beam Parklands 2013

Organiser's and Particiant's comments:

"Many thanks to your team for attending the event at the weekend.  It was an absolute pleasure to have whale of a time there.  As always the workshops proved extremely popular and a fun time was had by all.  The friendly, professional and approachable staff are an asset to whale of a time. The children who attended the event had a whale of a time, as did myself and the fellow rangers! Many thanks!" commented, Loretta Hoy, Beam Parklands Community Ranger, Parks and Environmental Design, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (organiser)

"Irene does this skill amazingly, with a thorough and professional approach in every aspect", commented Andy Hunter, Green Roadshow

"The event was amazing, because of the surrounding , because of the curiosity of the children, and also because we worked well as a team. I really enjoyed clay modelling with the children , and I think that it is a very good idea to encourage children to protect animals in a creative way. There were not any dangerous tools, which made it easier for us to supervise the children and to make sure that they were safe. I really enjoyed setting up the tent and decorating our workshop. I also greatly enjoyed the fact that whenever I had questions about the job, they were answered. The leaders of the group did a fantastic job, and because of their dedication, I have greatly appreciated the whole experience. My only regret is that the event had an end. Some families wanted to join us in the late afternoon but we had to load every thing in the van. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time with the whale of a Time team", commented Welly Edjenguele, Whale of a Time Volunteer

"Thank you for offering me volunteer opportunity, I really did enjoy the time today with new friends and excellent experience. Everything today was just fantastic successful, that kids were learning and spending great time in our tent. LOL", commented Yili Fu, Whale of a Time Volunteer

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of the Plaistow Spring Festival 2013

Syed Haque, Community Leaders and Engagement Manager, Strategic Commissioning and Community Directorate, London Borough of Newham (organiser) commented, "Community Lead Councillor Forhad Hussain lead the Plaistow Community Hub event at Plaistow Primary School. Over 1500 families and residents attended the fun packed day. Newham Council is dedicated to working and communities groups and residents to deliver fun free events, run and organised by residents. Activities included a rapping workshop, talents show, Zumba taster sessions, 'Whale of a Time' clay modelling, which was by far one of the most popular intergenerational activities at the event."

Whale of a Time is delighted to have organised the ESRC Whale of a Time Festival of Social Science 2012

"Travelled from Coventry to come here today. Well worth the journey. Really informative day. Will go away making every effert to make a difference and to promote the hard work of others." Laura

"I have never met anyone as passionate as these people (Whale of a Time) about the environment apart from Earthwatch team. You should join Earthwatch!" Nigel Winser, Executive Vice President, Earthwatch UK

Read what Whale of a Time Experts had to say!

penney poyzer "The Whale of a Time Festival was so uplifting and enriching!  What dizzying and dazzling information; freely given by wonderful, passionate, compassionate people. What beautiful works of art framed the charming and engaged audience! I learnt so much. Hearing about the journeys of film makers and speakers was life changing. The Festival reconnected my love and gratitude to the great oceans for sustaining life on earth. I simply had a whale of a time!"

Penney Poyzer
Presenter and Expert on Eco-homes and Urban Permaculture Gardens, 'Eco Queen - the Queen of Green', from BBC programme “No Waste Like Home”

dan laffoley “Amazing people, great fun and a wonderful sense of community and enthusiasm for the ocean are ways in which I can sum up my first encounter with Whale of a Time. It is that sense of passion for the ocean and enthusiasm to bring together experts, the pubic and art that will help save the blue heart of the planet. I look forward to my next encounter with a great group of people and hope that my presentation helped add a little inspiration and sense of hope to the proceedings."

Dan Laffoley
Marine Vice Chair
IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas

sudhir chopra "The festival or better a conference 'Whale of Time,' was a wonderful experience. It was well organised, well structured to cover all major aspects of wildlife issues as well as current environmental concerns. Allmost all the speakers had first hand knowledge in the areas of their expertise and were able to make effective presentation that could be easily understood by laymen as well as people with advance knowledge of the subject matter. It was a very effective exercise in wildlife and environmental advocacy. More events like this ought to be encouraged to increase awareness about contemporary environmental problems."

Sudhir Chopra
Prof. Sudhir Chopra, LL.M., J.D., Ph.D., FRGS. Law Fellow, Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Cambridge, UK

ian rowlands "The Whale of a Time Festival was truly a place to make some amazing connections - connections that were not only personally rewarding, but also those that really moved forward the vital agenda of ocean conservation. I really look forward to the next one!"

Ian Rowlands
Planet Whale and WhaleFest

carine nadal "Thank you to Whale of a Time and all for an inspiring event and celebration of Earth's gift of life and all her communities. Let's continue collaborating to live in harmony with the wider Earth Community."

Carine Nadal
Coordinator of Earth Jurisprudence Learning Centre and legal researcher
Gaia Foundation and Wild Law UK

serge wich “Being at the Whale of a Time festival was energizing because it brought together a stimulating set of speakers with an audience that is keen to do what they can for conservation to work. Such engagement between various stakeholders in conservation is essential for it to succeed. Conservation and sustainable management of the planet will only happen if all segments of society discuss these issues together and work towards solutions together. Events like the Whale of a Time are crucial steps in getting us there. I am grateful to have been invited to such a great festival.”

Serge Wich
Scientific Advisor to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)
Professor at Liverpool John Moores University

louise kulbicki "The Whale of a Time Festival brought together a range of experts, passionate environmentalists and leaders in their field to create two days of inspiring ideas, innovations and solutions. It was a truly inspiring and fun event but with some very serious environmental problems brought home through some moving films. A big thanks to all the team for a great event, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next!"

Louise Kulbicki
Lawyer and Advocate
Eradicating Ecocide

barbara maas "A BIG THANK YOU FROM THE SMALLEST DOLPHIN AND NABU INTERNATIONAL to Irene and the Whale of a Time Team for hosting us at your spectacular event full of inspiration, creativity and knowledge. We wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world! ><>"

Barbara Maas
Head of International Species Conservation
NABU International

mark mulligan "I very much enjoyed the festival and found the audience very receptive and engaged with the material presented.  The debate was vibrant and open."

Mark Mulligan
Co-Designer of I-Terra
Senior fellow at the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC)
Geographer, King’s College London

falko schmidt "A big thank you to all of you who made the Whale of a Time festival happen. The audience was amazingly engaged during the lectures and panel discussions and it was great to meet and talk with so many interesting participants. Well done!"

Falko Schmidt
Regional Coordinator UK
DESERTEC Foundation

cristiana de lia "I would like to thank you for the amazing opportunity that you gave us to join this Festival. It was a very inspiring day. Everybody, the presenters and the members of the audience, were there together to celebrate the oceans. Thank you again for organising this and for supporting our Be a Fisherman's Friend campaign"

Cristiana De Lia
Assistant Campaigner

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of the Little Big Peace Festival on 22. September 2012

"This event is a very good one for the community to get together and also for the children to be able to be creative!"

"Very good event! Kids really enjoyed the workshop!" Sasha and Nicholas (8 and 7)

"Great idea to get everyone together and sharing ideas. Enjoyed the clay modelling with the kids!"

"This was a phenomenal appeal for saving animals. I made a turtle." Patrick Dennis, age 9

"Thanks for a fantastic afternoon!" Philippe and Family

"Thank you for the opportunity! Let's help others!"

"Thank you for educating me on what more I can do to help to look after our planet and the creatures in the wild. I now feel better informed about the fish and seafood that i can eat and more aware of other issues around the world." Susie

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of the Lambeth Country Show 2012

"The modelling is really fun. I never knew I was so good."

"It was so fun I have never done it before."

"I have loved it and it was great."

"I have been proud of my shell and my mum is a great artist." Alice

"My daughter enjoyed getting creative with the clay. Lovely afternoon with friendly people." Amanda :)

"I had a very fun day and I wish we could do this all the time!"

"The kids had a nice time making animals."

"Thank you for coming and bringing the sunshine!"

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of the Mayor's Thames Festival 2012

"Great workshop, my son loved making a penguin, thank you so much!" Rita

"Very good idea! Thank you for this!"

"Thanks for a great day! My son loved it and knew a lot of the sea creatures in the photos." Bonnie-Katie Dewon, E14 London

"Thank you for a fun day with clay. My 2 year old cousin had a lovely cay!" Chaya

"I like the animals of the sea. Seals and Octopus! Thanks for a lovely time with the clay." Suzon 6 years old

"Thanks for a great opportunity to be creative!" Cecilia & Ruby (4 and 12 yrs)

"What a fantastic idea to offer children the opportunity to make models with clay and even better that it is free." C Thomas

"Thank you for a fantastic opportunity for the kids." Melody

"Good fun & opportunity to learn for the kids." Prav

"From Daniela and Maddie. Very enjoyable experience. Informative staff. Looking forward to the Whale of a Time Festival in November!"

"My favourite sea creature is the crab. I had fun making one." David

"I also like sea creatures." Dorothy

"Great family fun and interacitve for the children. Brilliant idea for a Sunday afternoon." Nikki and Maya Bigwood (age 2)

"We really enjoyed making clay animals. Rose mad a ball! thank you! Save the dolphins! Great workshop!" xx

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of the Green Roadshow in Dagenham

8. - 9. September 2012

"I love dolphins."

"dolphins forever"

"Very fun! Very fun!"

"It is very fun making things out of clay. It was fun exciting and very interesting."

"I like playing and making things with clay."

"I enjoyed a lot with my kids and we made things with clay that was a good experience."

"Modelling with clay was really fun and I enjoyed it really much."

"Making models in clay is so fun. I really enjoyed doing it." Maria Sanocka

"I like clay models!" James

"I have done this the first time in my life and it was great!" R. Iqbal

"It's very fun making something with my body and I'm enjoying having fun."

"I really enjoyed making all these things and doing it all with clay." Vera

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of Furzedown Festival 2012
Read full review...

23. June 2012 - Big Day Out

Educational and fun - what could be better?!!! The Mayor of Wandsworth

Great time! We have done this before at Streatham Festival. Kids really enjoy making things. Thank you!

Wonderful. Very worthwhile!

The Dons: Megan, Skye & Victoria made narwhales! Epic!!

Absolutely fantastic! - Keep Tabi happy! Alice

Thank you for a great activity! My granddauhter made a fish and a turtle. She really enjoyed her time. Thanks again!

It was very fun. I made a fish.

It was very fun and i learnt from this.

We had a brilliant day here!!! Lovely people and nice cause as well! Good luck!

Very interesting! Very cool!

It's very fun my favourite one is fish!

Great clayey! Dave

It was very fun.

It was great fun!

It was good.

It was hard!

My mum was making it and I was helping her. It was fine.

My hands became very dirty!

I have done this about twice so found it hard, but it was very fun and enjoyable.

It's really fun and raises awareness of endangered animals.

It was awesome!

Thank you for your time! Malik

I llove clay. Dalya

I like the shark! It looks like it's going to eat an animal!!! Andrew B.

IIII liiiiike theeese sluuuuug!!! Veeeeryyy much!!!! Niell B.

Had a great time! Carmen

We have been here! Carter, Harry and Lewis

Had fun! liz

It was very fun! Alice and George

Thank you! Messy fun.

My hands were like cement. Keep up the good work!

How lovely to bump into you (Whale of a Time) again! We were at the kids fair and nearly didn't come too. My kids loved making their animals. Great to have a stall where you don't need to spend money but would because it's so constuctive. Sarah Davies

Great stand - my kids loved creating. Great job. Many thanks. Miranda

Very fun, enjoyed it. India

16. June 2012 - Festival Launch

Great event! Love it!

Great activity! Will keep in touch with events.

Thank you very much for the lovely activity! Atsko

It was really fun! Yosai

This is a really great idea!

Looking forward to the big day!

Great idea and great fun! Peanut and Dom

Thank you for my experience in clay and I know it is good for the elderly as well as the young. Paula

Thank you! It was really fun!

It was fun, I made a whale shark. Lila Comins, age 11

Claytastic! Dave

It was very good and it was great for children, I and my friend made a bear. Bernadette, age 9

I love it, I thought it was brilliant. Thank you so much! Katie Sharp, age 10

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of Eastbrookend Country Fair 2012
Read full review...

5th June 2012

Andrew Flegg, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Parks and Countryside Ranger, Parks Management and Development commented, "The Eastbrookend Country Fair was a joyful affair as close to 3000 people turned up for the event. The British weather didn’t let us down as we had sun, wind and rain all in one day. The Whale of a Time stand proved it's pulling power as it was busy with smiling children every time we walked past. Great day and see you all next year!"

”Tia Bronwyn Harris said, “Our daughter really enjoyed the workshop, thanks!”

Valeine said, “Truly enjoyed the workshop. Always wanted to work in clay and today I got the opportunity. Thank you – would love to do it again. ”

“It was really good and fun. ”

Emily said, “Thank you for doing this today. It made me feel happy. It’s fun to do. I would love this to come to our school at Rush Green. ”

Momer Sally said, “It was great fun, my kids really enjoyed it. ”

Emma said, ”Thank you – it was great to try something different and get creature! ”

Fantastic! Cool! ”

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of Redbridge Carnival 2012
Read full review...

5th June 2012

Wilson Chowdhry, Redbridge Carnival Organiser, commmented, "It was great to have Whale of a time join us again this year. They have a talent for inculcating young minds with responsibility for the preservation of our world, in a manner that is both fun and informative. Their participation made an already special event into something spectacular that people of all ages could enjoy."

Omar Moumeh (age 8) said, “I like cheaters because they are fast and strong and have nice black spots like pattern. ”

“I made a turtle and not a cheater because I would find it hard to make a cheater that can stand up for a long time. ”

”Children liked the activity and especially a it was outdoors. I made a sea turtle which I really enjoyed making. ”

”Me and my son Joe Roy made a lovely shark with some help from the person on the stall. His name is Sharkey the Shark ”

”Thank you, for helping Loue my little boy make a very nice and scary shark. ”

”I liked spraying the clay and squidging it with my fingers” (age 5)

Elanor (age 5) said, “I liked suidging the clay” ”

”My daughter Aushika has realy enjoyed it. Thank you. ”

”Myself and my daughter had a great time, thank you! ”

”Myself and kids had a nice time! ”

”I made a fish with bubbles and I had a good time. ”

”I made a butterfly. I had a great time. ”

”I made a turtle and I had a good time. ”

”My daughter made a cup plate, snail and penguin. It’s very enjoyable for me. ”

”Enjoyed the day! Will bring the kids for next event. Even if it rains! ”

”Georgia enjoyed making the models, staff were very helpful and interactive. Thank you. ”

4th June 2012

”I enjoyed a lot. Riya”

”He was very happy and enjoyed. ”

”It was really fun. ”

”It was great fun and I hope I get another go. ”

”It was very fun and I like the workshop. ”

”I like the pedals of the flower”

Bagir (age 8) said, “I like the workshop because you can make things. ”

Hassan said, “I like the birds they are very nice. ”

Zubeida said, “I enjoyed it because I had great fun. I made a leopard. ”

Ahmed said, “I had a great time and I made a lino lion and his name is liono. ”

Fadeen said, “I really enjoyed it a lot. I was enthusiastic when I made the rhino. I really loved it. ”

Ums said, “I really enjoyed making the orangutan. It was great fun. I hope to come again to make another endangered species. Best wishes. ”

”The workshop was great for my child because she could take part in it herself. The helpers were great. Thank you! ”

I love this workshop! Very educational! You can build your moulding skills. I enjoyed this very much. I give it 5 stars! *****”

This workshop was very fun. I rate this workshop 5 stars *****!!!”

This workshop activity was fund to make models of dolphins! 5 stars *****”

Collin said, “The concept is good for the children in shaping their ideas into clay moulds. Definitely a good platform for the kids to harness their skills. ”

It was very good. I won’t forget how much help I got! ”

Urrashan (age 13) said, “It was very enjoyable and fun to do. I can’t or will never forget the brilliant experience. ”

”I made a peacock…”

”…and me a shark!”

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of Flying the Flags of Forest Gate Spring Festival. Read full review...

"The event programme... was enhanced by the fantastic workshop put on by Whale of a Time. The workshop attracted hundreds of adults and children, truly inspiring intergenerational interactivity, embracing and releasing creativity. Feedback from visitors said that they found the workshop therapeutic and stimulated conversation whilst learning about endangered species."

"It was well worth investing our time in working with Whale of a time!"
commented, Syed Haque, Community Leaders and Engagement Manager, London Borough of Newham

Kids really enjoyed it. Wouldn't use clay but couldn't resist.

Great for bringing the community together. Don't see much of these workshops.

It's very good for the kids. Something fun. They are enjoying it. Thank you!

Workshop is very good.

Good fun, love the dolphins, penguins, big cats.

It's very great having lot's of fun with other children and families, thank you.

It's good fun, allowing children to be all creative. Many thanks!

Good for kids, nice to be creative.

This workshop was really cool!

Good fun, enjoy working with the clay. Although I did most of the work. (mother)

It's very creative for the kids. Need more workshops like this. Good for this kind of education. Good display.

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of Whale of a Time at Beam Parklands, Spring 2012. Read full review...

Ruth Clarricoates, Beam Parklands Community Ranger commented, We had a fantastic day at Beam Parklands Country Park, out in the fresh air. Everyone loved getting their hands messy and were amazed at how many different and amazing animals live in the parklands so near to where they live.

Thank you for entertaining the children.

Good idea!

Thank you for the clay it was really fun! Cherie, 13, Shelly, 12, Leia, 10, Bailey, 9, Sarah-Rose, 10, Michael, 8.

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of Science Week at Hawthorns School. Read full review...

Jo Hill, Hawthorn School, Science Week Coordinator, "Thanks again for a fantastic day - I know all the kids had a great time."

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of WhaleFest in Brighton and Hove 2011. Read full review...

Ian Rowlands, co-founder Planet Whale commented, “We are particularly delighted to welcome Whale of a Time to WhaleFest, as we share a mission to bring whales and dolphins and the marine environment to the widest possible audience. This is especially true in Brighton & Hove - the very place where the world took the decision to ban commercial whaling.”

Irene Schleining, Founder Whale of a Time commented, "Everybody was having a whale of a time at WhaleFest! What a great way to celebrate these magnificent beings of the oceans. Hundreds of children and adults participated in the Whale of a Time Workshop - one of our busiest workshops ever! We met inspiring guest speakers. There was so much to learn and share with everyone. The whale spirit was certainly present and WhaleFest set a milestone in whale history!"

Ian Rowlands, Co-Founder Planet Whale, WhaleFest commented, "A big part of what's made this event so cool is having Whale of a Time here. The kids have loved it. It's been a huge buzz all around the stand all day. The best thing we ever did was have these guys come here. ...WhaleFest exceeded our imagination. There's something about whales that even inspires people with even no interest in the natural world. It's great having Whale of a Time here to add to that success."

Anne Meadows, Mayor of Brighton & Hove commented, "It's great fun. Children are exploring clay and the idea of expressing themselves with the whales and dolphins. It's wonderful."

Mark Brownlow, BBC Producer of Ocean Giants commented, "Watching people of all ages enjoying making their favourite whale species.. It's things like this, which will really inspire people to get aware of the plight of whales and dolphins and do something about it so it's a fun way of engaging people and i think I'll have a go at it myself."

David Rothenberg, Professor of Philosophy and Music at New Jersey Institute of Technology, author of "Thousand Mile Song" commented, "It's great to be here at WhaleFest and to see how many people are interested in whales, watching them, learning about them, making them... and the Whale of a Time Workshop is so fun. They get all these kids making whales out of clay and thinking about whales. To see how much fun they are having - it's so great you're bringing these workshops all over the place where people are inspired thinking about whales and get the next generation excited about these important beautiful animals that are suffering there as we're hunting them and polluting their habitat. The more people appreciate animals the more we are gonna work to save them. Whale of a Time is right in the middle of that battle and struggle and it's doing a wonderful thing in a wonderful way to get kids to care about whales and spread the word... It really makes me feel good and hopful about humanity that we can do something about the damage that we have done in the past and the next generation is gonna be different."

Paulina Dixon, WhaleFest Crew commented, "The Whale of a Time stand was amazing, it touched many hearts with the love and joy that you gave to all.... It's very impressive, I can't believe what the children created. Amazing!"

Amanda, Dolphin Connection commented, "The children absolutely loved your stand and I heard from one parent that their child was drawing whales all the next day! ...I love it. The children are so engaged and they are learning so much. It really is the most amazing inspiration. Thank you very much for coming to WhaleFest."

Mags Sorrell, WhaleFest Crew commented, "I'm here at this amazing workshop called "Whale of a Time". Look at this amazing model of this whale. It's just a wonderful thing for children to be interacting like this."

A WhaleFest Volunteer commented, "There have been lots of children in the Whale of a Time stall all day. They had a lot of fun making clay whales. It's been absolutely packed and they really enjoyed it."

Irene Schleining, founder Whale of a Time commented: “We're excited to be part of the first ever WhaleFest! We need to do all we can to engage people in caring for our oceans as we are facing major challenges ahead in the next decades to come. That’s what we’re doing through Whale of a Time.”

WhaleFest Volunteer commented, "The Whale of a Time Workshop has been going really well. There's been a heap of kids at the workshop all day making all kinds of mess with the clay and it all looks like it's all gone really well. It's been really popular.

Gino, Hove Park Cafe commented, "This is a brilliant workshop, which you must all come to. It's inspiring for children, it makes them happy, it makes them create things about the environment, particularily use their knowledge around issues that will effect us for the rest of our lives. I live by the sea here in Brighton and there are so many endangered species that people aren't aware of. This is one way of raising their awareness, engaging young people and engaging the whole community. Please come along and enjoy yourselves."

"We had a great time making our clay models of whale tails. We had a whale of a time!" Summer Wilson (age 9)

"I had a great time making my eel." Daniel Back (age 6)

"I really enjoyed making a seal out of clay. It was very fun!" Tom (age 10)

"I liked making the sperm whale out of clay. It was really fun." William (age 12)

"I love whales!" Anton

"We loved making clay whales and dolphins!"

"It was great fun." Celine Meyer

"Jimmy and Matilda loved the clay! It feels squishy!"

"We had such a lot of fun making a clay dolphin and turtle. Ivy Ann was lucky and had her picture taken with the Mayor!" Izzy and Ivy Ann

"The children had a fantastic time making clay whales and sharks. Very much hope you are back here again next year!"

"Nice idea!" Sophie from Poland

"Thank you for heling me! I had fun!" Finn (age 4)

"Loved it!" Saina (age 18)

"I love all the activities. It is so cooool!!!!" Francesca (age 9)

"Really great clay and help making whales and dolphins. Martin loved it - Thank you! A brilliant idea to raise awareness." Emily & Mani, Brighton

"Really enjoyable and quite therapeutic - thanks!" Kaylee xx

"I liked making my model. Thank you!" Louisa

"Favourite activity of the day! - Loved it!" Hamish & Allan

"I love clay - clay with whales mixes well! My daughter made loads of stuff!"

"I enjoyed myself. I made 9 whales!" Ashley

"Thank you, it was lovely." Cat & Jasmine (age 5)

"I really enjoyed making creatures and it was very useful to have photos to help you." Holly

"G.V.I was here 2011 - 1st ever WHALEFEST! Wicked!"

Whale of a Time is delighted to have been part of National Association of Gifted Children NAGC Explorers Club 2011. Read full review...

Organiser's Comments included:

Sue Landaw said, "Thank you very much, on behalf of the children and parents who came along to our Explorers Club on Sunday 2nd October, for taking the time and trouble to make the afternoon so successful.

The evaluation forms have now been collated, and your activity was extremely well received by everyone. It received nearly all ones, meaning very enjoyable/super, and several twos, meaning very good.

We received lots of great comments – they included:"

“Whole thing was excellent”

“I had lots of fun when I was making the animals”

“Very good afternoon with interesting things to learn”

“Really good fun!”

We are delighted to have organised Whale of a Time at Beam Parklands Community Events in October 2011. Read full review...

Ruth Clarricoates, Barking & Dagenham Community Park Ranger, commented, "Whale of a Time has been the most popular event out of all of them (Barking & Dagenham Community Park events) in the whole year.”

Dominic, Community Park Ranger said, "Great fun workshop! Lots of cool animals."

Jessie Potts (3 1/2 years) and mother said, "Jessie made a lizard and butterfly. She's had great fun. She loves to get messy. She's excited about painting them when she gets home."

"Alice (7), George (10) and Grace (4) really enjoyed making clay models and learning about endangered animals. They are looking forward to painting them later. Great fun."

"Jaya (4) Really enjoyed being in the outdoors and making models."

"I had a good time making my woodpecker."

Debbie (mother) said, "Billy (2), Horry (4) had a good time making snakes in the parklands."

Poppy aged 8 said, "I loved this clay making. I hope to come here again. Thank you xxx"

Reeplo (7) said, "It was good."

Ellie Tayler (8) said, "It was very very good."

Emily and Oliver Pieles said, "We had a lot of fun with modelling. We love this so much. Thank you!"

Whale of a Time was delighted to be part of Redbridge Peace Concert 2011. Read full review...

Organisers' Comment included:

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of Redbridge Carnival Association commented, "The Whale of a Time Workshop is awesome. I've seen children busy here all day long, really enjoying themselves, using the fun, creative workshop that you provide to learn about endangered species, about the environment and that's exactly what we want at our Peace Concert - Children of all diversities sitting together, talking together, sharing that moment, spreading peace and love. Thank you again to Whale of a Time, I remember you from the Redbridge Carnival, you did awesome. It's been brilliant to have Whale of a Time in Redbridge. They have been at two events now, Redbridge Carnival and the Redbridge Peace Event. Without them it just wouldn't have been the same. I just hope to see them growing from strength to strength and continuing in the same way especially sharing the passion that they have shared with the people of Redbridge, with the wider London and UK community."

Irene Schleining, Founder Whale of a Time commented, "It's been really really amazing today here being at the Redbridge Peace Concert we've had lots of people coming by and participating, and out message is about taking care of our planet, appreciating nature and looking after it. Thank you to everybody who has joined us."

Participants' Comments included:

A mother said, "This whole activity just brought the child inside of me out. All my children are doing it and i'm the one who is enjoying it the most. It's absolutely brilliant. Activites where the parents can be involved should be done."

A mother said, "I'm a mother of two and what I think about my children is that my children are very much aware about nature and they have a lot of feeling for nature for animals, for trees, for plants, that is why they think about conserving nature. It takes me by surprise that today's generation is so much more aware than it was in my time... there is a lot of awareness today and that makes me very happy."

A mother said, "I think it's the most important thing in this world, to conserve nature, we think about all materialistic things in this world, but the main thing we should think is about the place that we live in. So let's start thinking about conserving nature and think about how we can make our home on Earth more beautiful day by day."

Elspeth, Whale of a Time Volunteer, said "This is my first time doing a Whale o a TIme Workshop. I have noticed some kids get it straight away they spend ages making their little models and things and other kids i think they have never played with clay before because they don't know what to do and I think it's a real first time experience for them, which is great. It's great for them to try these things and they seem to really enjoy it and are quite fascinated with what they are doing. So it's going well."

A mother said, "As the name (Whale of a Time) suggests, I think children have a very important role in this project. I think as they are making models, they are also thinking about animals who live in forests as they rightly said just now (while making their models). So as they are in the making of animals you can see their interest in this project as they are modeling animals out of clay. I think they are trying to conserve nature at the same time because their aspirations and their interest in making these models of an animal or a bird, or for a whale it shows their interest in nature itself because they are interested in conserving, making more clay animals. So I think it's important that today's generation has this awareness and i'm happy that this project has come around in Ilford. I think we should have more of these kinds. Well done for Whale of a Time. Good. Well done."

A mother said, "It's really nice that we're trying our best to teach today's generation what their role is going to be in the next coming years, next centuries to come, where we can conserve nature and plant more trees and have all the animals to live around here. Myself and my children are vegans because the very thought of killing an animal gives (us) a lot of pain and trouble. I think the very feeling for conserving nature is important and it think that's a good thing."

A boy (10) said, "It was easy and nice. I like it. It was interesting and fun. We have to care for the animals. We have to love them and take care of them coz animals are a part of our lives they are also like human beings.

Leah, Whale of a Time Volunteer, said, "The thing with kids in the city, you don't really see animals and you don't experience them. So be able to come here and have to think about animals and what they like and where they live it's quite different. it's quite a good experience."

A mother said, "It's very creative and the kids learn more about everything. They do all mischief things and this is encouraging them to bring out their creativity from inside."

A boy (10) said, "It's nice to make them. I like elephants and animals and it's very interesting to make. It doesn't matter where it's from Asia or it's from Africa, it's an animal that's for sure. Protect them, love them and care for them."

A father said, "It's quite useful for children that they learn about new things, they get to learn about art, and also how to respect animals as well."

A girl (9) said, "I made a duck and a nest with some chicks in it."

A girl (6) said, "The jungle is save for parots but (only) if they stop cutting down trees."

A mother said, "It's great coz children can learn from this."

A boy (8) said, "We could tell anybody who chops down the habitat to stop doing that."

A father said, "It is very interessting and it's good for the kids to build up their confidence, and see what they want to do. Good stuff. It's very helpful coz this is the time when you can really install this things in the kids that they gotta care for the envrionment. It's very useful and brings them closer to the animals and ecological things."

A boy (8) said, "Tell the hunters, don't kill birds otherwise there will be no bird left in this world. So then all the birds which are living right now won't be there. Canarries won't be there, parrots won't be there. So that's why you should tell them, don't destroy all the animals. They are also attacking the forests as well so they can get the animals. We shouldn't do that because nature is in the forest. There is many things which will be in the forest which is useful. From trees you can make paper. If there wasn't any trees then you wouldn't have had paper and without paper then nobody would have studied. If nobody would have studied then there would be no education. So that's why trees and animals they are very important.

A girl (9) said, "It was cool and fun, very wet and sticky, it was nice."

A boy (11) said, "There are only 1000 (Iberian Lynx) left. Give them better habitats to stop them from being harmed."

Layla, Whale of a Time Volunteer, said "I live here, a lot of people really keep themselves to themselves. You were doing it here (Town Centre), and I was thinking I don't know if people are coming forward to do it. Obviously all the children are here, they don't care, they just wanna do what makes them happy. So I was quite surprised how responsive people were. I thought it was really good."

A girl (8) said, "I made a camel because I like camels and i never made clay animals before. I really enjoyed myself. I'd like to do it again."

A mother said, "Yeah, it's really fun and it's enjoyable. I would like to learn for myself because I just completed my social worker degree course and I want to focus more on the children so I find it interesting for me to learn something."

A boy (6) said, "Save them, make the hunters don't do it."

A mother said, "Definately it will make them aware about the nature, to reuse water and to recycle plastic."

Whale of a Time was delighted to be part of Mayor's Thames Festival. Read full review...

Organiser's Comment included:

"Whale of a Time were a great addition to this year's Thames Festival, providing a popular, creative and fun workshop for both children and parents" Ros Croker, Programme Manager Mayor's Thames Festival

Participants' Comments included:

"I made a crab and a seal. Thanks my son had a lovely time. We came last year and its just as lovely - Thank you!" Sarah

"Thank you very much for this! Your biggest fan!" Jessie

"We had a fantastic time! The staff members were very friendly!" Haje Elijah

"I had a great time and the staff helped me a lot. Thank you!"

"Had a great time! I hope this will help the fish!" Niamh

"My son and myself had a fantastic time! Thanks!" Youngs Farmers, Surrey Dock

"I loved making my elephant." Alaae

"I enjoyed it! Thank you!" Natasha

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of Redbridge Carnival. Read full review...

"A great way of subtley introducing children to the need to care for our endangered species. - Well done."

"Thank you, fantastic experence, very good tactile experience."

"My daughter enjoyed the workshop - She learned about endangered animals and why animals are being destroyed and killed."

"Kids enjoyed and learnt about animals to take care of them. Thanks a lot." Noreen xxx

"Anushka (3 years) really loved handling the clay and making flowers which ended up as rabbits. Thank you."

"Thank you it was amazing. My bro and sis loved it too!! (12 years, 9, 8)

"It was really really good."

"It was a lovely time and it was free!" Adil (9 years)

"This is cool." Arbaaz (15 years)

"I enjoyed playing and making animals with the clay." Sofia

"Good time had by all." Jason and Simon

"Great fun for the kids. Recommend it." Naveed

"My kids enjoyed making clay figures. Thank you!"

"My daughter loved it."

"I loved it."

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of Abbey Green Fun Day and the Green Roadshow. Read full review...

Participants' Comments included:

"Yasmine had an excellent time making the snail and turtle, thank you!"

Tana Marie and Bradley Jamieson had a really good time and fond it very interesting!

"I had a good time!"

"Very enjoyable and creative time!"

"Informative and fun!"

"Andre (age 5) had a great time making a clay fish, than you!"

"My son Ishaan and daughter Simar had a great time making a clay tortois and dolphin."

"Our three children liked playing with the clay animals"

"My little niece had great time in the workshop!"

"Enjoyed the experience, it was the first time for my son and he enjoyed making a tiger. Thank you!"

"Enjoyed it very much! We liked making a Leopard, thank you!"

"I really like it coz I love art!"

"My ddarling had a lovely time making a bird."

"I really enjoy it, it was really fun! I love animals!"

"I done a fish and lots of stuff!"

"I've had much fun doing things like animals i love it! I wish i can do it again!"


"We had lots of fun, thank you!"

"Would love to join in again!"

"We really enjoyed ourselves making a turtle and a beetle thank you!" Georgia

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of Gaunt's House Summer Gathering. Read full review...

"A real fun family time! Thank you!"

"It was brilliant and we loved getting dirty, thanks!"

"Had a great time, relaxing atmosphere."

"Very nice friendly people and very helpful."

"Excellent workshop, great fun for children and adults!"

"It was very fun and creative. I really had a great time and would recommend to all ages!"

"Very fun and interesting to learn about endangered species. Thank you!"

"Thank you! a fantastic project with big love! Keep on doing what you do!"

"James had a lovely time making a whale - he loves whales and sharks! Thank you from James and his mummy and daddy!"

"It was really fun and i would like to encourage others to do it!" Beynon

I had a very good time making it." Millie

"It was very very fun." Ella

"Thank you for allowing me to make my clay whale" Fifionn Lloyd

"A very good time spent - thank you!"

"It was fun and sweet" Natty 8

"Very educational and fun for the kids especially my 9 month old who was eating the clay."

"Girls got very engaged - enjoyed it!"

"Very fun and really cool."

"It is very creative and it was really fun."

"It was awesome."

"I love it"

"It was very easy and I loved it" Lily, 9

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of ‘Coastal Capers' at Hunstantion in Norfolk. Read full review...

Joanne Prendergast, Education Officer / Coastal Capers and Living Seas Programme Organiser, Norfolk Wildlife Trust said, "...I just wanna say a big thank you to Whale of a Time for coming to our event today. It's been absolutely fabulous. The kids have loved every minute of it and the message that you get across to help us with the marine campaign and the work we do is absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much!"

Participants' Comments included:

"It was my favourite activity!" Paige Smith (8)

"It was epic and fun." Christian

"Very fun definately doing it again next year." Sam

"Very nice friendly people and very helpful."

"I think this is a good thing for children to do as it gets them thinking about nature."

"Great time, thank you. A really fun and creative way to learn about marine species!" Maddison and Darcy Beales (3, 1)

"We loved getting dirty. Thanks. x"

"It was very good"

"It was very good and my son had lots of fun making his seal."

"I had loads of fun, thank you" Haydn (age 8)

"I done a starfish, everyone helped me. I need it." Nicole

"I think that this is a very good activity and I really enjoyed it."

"I loved this activity because it's fun and enjoyable."

"What a fab activity! Jack loved it." (5)

"How wonderful and so much fun! Thank you!" Billy aged 8 years

"Had a fantastic time making a clay seal! Thank you!" Millie aged 9 on holiday in Sunny Munny!

"Great to sculpt! Thanks!" Noah, Eve, Faith Fox (5, 2 & 2 years)

"Really enjoyed working with the clay to make a sea animal." Danielle and Skye Harrowing (7 & 5)

"It was very fun making clay animals." Leah, age 10

"Grace Bradley had lots of fun!!"

"I enjoyed it!" Eliza (7)

"I had fun." Ruby (5)

"It was really fun and creative." Mollie (11)

"Really fun" William (7)

"I enjoyed this very much." Dotty Harrimon (7)

"It was very fun" Ryan (8)

"I think today was super fun!" Adam (11)

"Really enjoyed it." Edward (7)

"I loved it." Zak ;)

"I really enjoyed this acitivity!"

"I enjoyed it. It was fun." Jordan

"I Like." (2)

"I enjoyed it." Lydia :)

"The workshop was really fun!"

"It was super fun and i loved it." Jack A.

"It was brilliant and fun."

"I had a very good time making it." Millie

"It was very very fun." Ella

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of ‘Green Gathering' in Chepstow in Wales. Read full review...

Simon Craig, Craft Area Co-ordinator for The 2011 Green Gathering, said that, "Whale of a Time is a truely wonderful workshop that brings to life the plight of endangered animals through a clay making workshop. Irene and her staff are excellent, patient, well informed teachers, who make the experience of learning truely fun. I am very pleased that they chose to grace The 2011 Green Gathering with their workshop as I saw many happy children loving making whales, turtles, and other endangered animals and leaving not just with what they made, but also the message of how important all these creatures are to the wealth and beauty of our planet. I would be more than happy to recommend this workshop to all educators and environmental campaigners who are looking to bring to life the true plight of those creatures that human activities have endangered. A big "thank you" to Whale of a Time for their efforts at this year's event."

Participants' Comments included:

"Great, nice space to relax to be creative, thanks!"

"A whale of a time! Keep eating those seeds" ;) Rik

"Eric the elephant was born here! Lovely - many thanks" Gran Tefan

"Thank you for a really lovely time here. Your work is really inspiring." Eliane

"I will think before I buy things. Thanks" Paul and Ranka

"Had a great time - soooooooooooooooooooorelaxing. Thank you" Kes xxx

"A lovely afternoon - where did the time go?" Cathy, Thomas and Christopher xxx

"We both had a fabulous time! Several animals created to take home and paint. Thank you very much!" Mady and Lynn xx

"I like doing creative style."

"I like this workshop because there is a space for endangered species"

"I liked doing the animals because it was big fun and a good space." Max

"Great, thank you. We loved making our whale." Claire and Olly

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of ‘Eco City Living' at Barnard Park in Islington. Read full review...

Lawrence O'Sullivan, Community Ranger, Environment & Regeneration Department, Islington Council, said, "Whale of a Time the event and Greenspace had an excellent day at Barnard Park. - A good time was had by all."

Participants' Comments included:

"Fantastic for the children, my daughter had a great time. Thank you to the friendly staff."

"Great fun. My son enjoyed himself. All the children seemed to be having a great time."

"It was nice. Good idea for the children who can make something using their hands."

"My children Grace and George really enjoyed making animals. It was a great free activity! Many thanks!" Katie

"Mu daughter Skye enjoyed the clay making activity very much." Sacha

"Great FUN!! Isabella really enjoyed it!!" Anita

"I had great fun with you" Isabella

"A great day which was enjoyed by many children and adults. Great work!

"Lots of fun!" I'll definately be volunteering with Whale of a Time again!" Leah

Whale of a Time was proud to be part of ‘Beam Parlands Community Launch'. Read full review...

Ruth Clarricoates, Park Ranger at Beam Parklands said, "We are at the launch event at Beam Parklands space, that has just started. One of the activities is Whale of a Time. We have had lots of kids interested in it. It's really great for us because this site is very much about nature and wildlife and things that are rare and quite special. For us to get the community involved in that through some very hands on activities especially getting a bit muddy with the clay, getting a little bit wet and getting their hands stuck in is everything that we are about. It fits really nicely i think we will be using Whale of a Time again to do some British species... we have got some water voles on site and they are very rare.. maybe we some clay water voles in future as well! Yeah! we think it's been great so thanks for coming!"

Michael Parr, The Land Trust, said "Whale of a Time really added value to our event. Children and adults alike had a fab and fun time modelling whilst also learning important environmental lessons."

Participants' Comments included:

"Had much fun with the children making things and getting messy, thank you!"

"My son and I enjoyed maing a turtle with the clay - a great idea for community events!"

"Lovely day - this should happen more often!" The Wrights

"I had lots of fun I made a love heart"

"We had lots of fun making dolphins" Kirsty and Nathan

London Green Fair 2011 - Read full review...

Sinclair Eiloart, Festival Manager, London Green Fair, said about the Whale of a Time Workshop, "We are absolutely delighted to welcome Whale of a Time to the show this year, with their fantastic workshop offering clay modelling of endangered species free for all to join."

Irene Schleining, Director of Whale of a TIme said, "We are thrilled that the workshop was a success and it was fantastic to be part of the London Green Fair this year. It felt like being in the middle of the countryside with so many green and aware projects in the middle of London. Participants were well informed about green issues."

Participants comments' included:

"It was lovely being able to make my favourite endangered species which is a polar bear."

"Great fun having all the time in the world to sculpt!"

Matthew said, "I had a great time!"

"Thank you, wonderful experience for the children - whales are their favourite!"

"Amazing - my boys were in heaven making animals, masks, flags + .... Very cool", said Ossy, Ivor and Muffy.

"Thank loads, great to have a hands on workshop!"

"Fantastic! The girls had a great time being creative with the clay. Many thanks!", said Dave, Lou, Hannah, Sadie, Gabi and Elena.

"I had a great time with the clay making a tiger! I think everyone who made an animal must have had a great time! SPECTACULAR! :)"

"Very exciting with lots of things to do keeping you entertainment and getting your hands dirty! Thanks!", said Rio.

"Tara is having a wonderful time making an elephant!

"Samuel had great fun making a whale out of clay. Thank you!", said Sue.

"Love it, thanks x"

"This is so fun! Thank you!"

"Fantastic! Lots of fun. Thank you!", said Fabien and Finn.

"Great fun", said Francesca, Veronica, Milan and Mike.

"Thanks for all the crazy fun!"

"I have really enjoyed maing my clay birds nest", said Iona.

"I think it was really claymazing!"

"Dis is good Picause I like do dis fings"

"It was so much fun. I loved doing it and the cause is absolutely excellent. Good luck and thanks", said Niame.

"Great fun! Thanks and great cause."

"Cool messy fun!"

"We had great fun making a snail and a pair of glasses. Best of luck!", said Katherine and Bryce.

"Totally cosmic clay making stall! My daughter has been concentrating for an hour!!! WOW better than school!!! Keep this free!!!", said Gimmima Tomkin, Kent.

"I made a dragon and a cat and it was fun!!!", said Santi (6 years).

"I had loads of fun making my elephant and my whale", said Savannah Marriott (age 9), Ipswich.

"I really enjoyed my time here today, I made a squid and it squirted ink."

"I enjoyed my time here today, I made a snowman. I like squigging clay", said Mia (age 5).

"Love", Joco and Evie (age 3 and 2), Oakley, Basingstoke.

"I think this is a great opurtunity to express your creativity! I love this workshop and it's free."

"I love the workshop!!!! :)", said Elisa, age 11, London.

"This for me was a wonderful experience and it's a fantastic idea for children, it's very unique and original, best wishes", said Emma (age 11).

"I made a seagull and I enjoyed making it", said Jessica (age 6).

"I made a anter wotter animals", said Emily (age 5).

"I made a dolphine", said Jourmine White.

"I made a coko", said Tomms.

"It was fantastic, I made an elephant."

"We had so much fun making a pot."

"My son never sat for so long! Thanks! :)"

Stockwell Festival 2010 - Read full review...

We’re proud that the Whale of a Time Workshop was present at this year's 10th anniversary of Stockwell Festival, which was taking place during London's Week of Peace. This has been our third year having a whale of a time with the Stockwell community. We're excited to have contributed by giving back to the local community to produce sustainable and environmental change working with young people whilst improving community wellbeing.

Anna Godsiff, Stockwell Festival Coordinator said, "Armed with their new funky marquee, Whale of a time brought sunshine to everyone, yet again, with their brilliant interactive clay model making activities. Fab, educational fun for all."

John McCay, Secretary, Stockwell Partnership said, "If we run it (next year), you WILL be there. Thanks for your stuff. Great as ever!"

Irene Schleining, Director Whale of a Time said, "Stockwell Festival was a hit and we were very pleased being busy and spreading the message. Thank you for having us back again this year!"

Participants comments' included:

Aisha said, "I really loved making my model, it was really nice working with the pictures of all the different animals. I really hope I get a chance to do it next time."

Joel said, "Fantastic as always."

Timea said, "I think it is a great idea to make children aware how important it is to look after our planet including these beautiful creatures that are on their way to be exhausted. Brilliant workshop."

"A lovely initiative for kids to be more creative."

Magdalene said, "I like getting clay all over my hands."

Jessy said, "I really did enjoy doing my cheetah! x"

"A great way of making an important point. Well done all."

The Mayor's Thames Festival 2010 - Read full review...

We'd like to thank both NHS Lambeth and the Mayor's Thames Festival organisation for the funding of the two Whale of a Time Workshops at the Mayor's Thames Festival, this all weekend experience made a huge difference to the local community. Creating space for festival goers to participate and explore their creative skills whilst clay modelling endangered species and connecting with the environmental issues we're facing today.

Nicky Petto, Programme Manager, The Mayor’s Thames Festival, “The Blue Ribbon Village felt like a fun, friendly and informative place to be. Thank you for contributing to that spirit and seizing the opportunity to share your passion for endangered species and the natural world with so many people. I’m sure you’ll agree that taking part is the best way to educate and get people thinking. The Whale of a Time Workshop stall was fantastically well presented and always engaging. You provided a great opportunity for young and old to have a hands-on thoughtful experience, connecting the pleasure of clay-modelling with the idea of conservation. Your enthusiasm and the open invitation to get involved encouraged many visitors to stop, get their hands dirty and find out more. It was amazing to see the gallery of animals and the number of chairs and tables grow over the weekend.”

Download News Release from the Mayor's Thames Festival.

Lucy Smith, Public Health Manager at NHS Lambeth, said: “As part of the Lambeth mental wellbeing programme and work to improve access to psychological therapies, we have funded these workshops with the aim of increasing awareness of ways in which people can actively improve their wellbeing."

'Wellbeing and Happiness in Lambeth' "To experience good mental health and wellbeing is to feel positive about today and to have hope about the future; to feel reasonably confident about being able to handle life's stresses and problems and that mostly life is fulfilled and rewarding."

NHS Lambeth, "By attending the workshop it enables individuals to be creative, meet new people and have some time out which can go a long way to improving someone’s mental health.”

Jim Wheble from BBC London radio came round and had a look at the Whale of a Time Workshop before interviewing us live. Listen to the interview:

Nicola Petto, The Mayor's Thames Festival Programme Manager, said, "It's been really great having Whale of a Time here. I've seen lots of children have made clay models this weekend. It's been thoroughly busy and thoroughly entertaining and people have been able to make things and relax and do something quite creative but not too intense. It's been really really nice.
I've seen so many people lying around on your whales (giant whale bean bags called Spirit and Flukey) and so many people getting their hands dirty. It's lovely to see all the different models and I think it's a really nice way of connecting other events that are happening in this area. So you can go and see snakes and insects and bugs in one part of the fields and bees over behind us. They can come over here (to Whale of a Time) and model them so i think it's connected things up really well. It's been great."

Jacquie Levett, Project Manager Improving Access to Psychological Therapies at NHS Lambeth said, "I am so pleased it went so well and what a magic website! All those lovely comments from the children/participants and from the organisers of the events."

Mrs J. M. Williams said, "Thank you for sponsoring this event! My 6 year old grandson is really enjoying his first chance to sculpt a whale! N.B. My daughter has worked a bit for IAPT."

A. said, "This experience was really great! I loved it! It was the best event of the whole festival!"

"This is a tremendous activity for children AND adults. A great opportunity to be creative in the sunshine. Thank you so much - Much appreciated by children aged 3+ and adults 40+"

Nicola, teacher, said, "Thank you for organising such a fantastic event and I will be in touch after speaking to my head teacher regarding a workshop."

"I am glad there is something so creative and informative at the Thames Festival."

Sarah said, "Lovely - our first stop on the Thames Festival - staff very helpful and cheery xx"

Viggo (3 years), "I made my first ever clay figure and had lots and lots of fun!!"

"My boys didn't make guns and plastic, but worms and spiders x"

Mim said, "I like doing stuff like this and since it's for the animals I can't resist!"

Leah said, "I enjoyed it because it was nice using our imagination."

Jane and Sean said, "Lovely people, wierd and wonderful creatiions! Thank you for the clay! Love"

Fian and Bethan Jones said, "I LOVE THIS PLACE!"

"It was sooo great! Thank you! I had so much fun making my seal!"

"I enjoyed it because it was fun to make things with our hands."

Alya and Byron said, "Very creative way to protect the ceteans - well done!! Excellent."

Mary said, "Great idea! Wonderful way to engage the children in the world around them."

Asliakto (age 12) said, "I really like this workshop, it's your chance to discover the things you can make with clay."

Paul said, "Friendly people, creative work, good natured"

Abbie (age 5) said, "It was very mucky and fun."

"Great way to think about our world. Thank you!"

"It was great fun. Smashing IDEA. All our best wishes"

"Very fun and cool experinece, hope to come again, love"

"The animals take-over!"

"It was turtely amazing"

Joseph (age 3) and his family said, "Pear had way to much fun! Thanks for everything!"

"This is great fun, me (a parent) enjoys just as much if not more than the kids. Do it again next year!"

"This is very fun and very educational. I learnt that there is only one lonesome George left poor lonesome George."

Ella said, "Made a panda and baby panda, not sure who had more fun her or granddad. Thanks!"

Sara (age 8) said, "This was great fun for all ages."

"Glorious IDEA!"

"I like it because I like touching the soft clay and it was fun."

"Everyone was very friendly and my daughter had a great time!"

"I had lots of fun making my first leopard!"

"Water and clay is good and we had fun, a lot of support and it was creative."

Jeannie said, "I love feeling the clay and making a dear and having fun!"

"I loved it and I think I would like to do it again."

Sheridan (age 9) said, "I like getting crafty and it was a good way especially as it's free."

Lauren (a wild cat) said, "I loved making my cat. I enjoyed adding the tail and making the body."

Nicole said, "I had so much fun making a big BLUE WHALE with my boy. Great idea! Lovely and friendly staff!!"

Julia said, "The workshop was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself making my Asian Elephant."

Billie said, "The workshop is a nice surpirse."

"I learnt a lot about endangered species and processed food that endangers the environment and really enjoyed it. And I made a hippo."

"The workshop is a good idea. It gets people thinking about animals which are sometimes forgotten. My daughter enjoyed the clay as she was doing arty things."

"Lovely to work with clay... relaxing"

"It really makes you think about all the endangered species."

Billy (age 3) and his family said, "Thanks for letting us do clay animals. We all loved it especially making a scary shark."

"It's a great experience and fun for kids! I hope it brings more awareness for the animal world too!"

"WOW! FUN!!!!"

Uma (age 5) said, "I'm having a lot of fun!"

"Ailah and Barley loved playing with the clay to make sharks!"

Rachel and Jonathan said, "Great fun and understanding endangered species. Long live whales and penguins!"

The Urban Green Fair 2010 - Read full review...

We'd like to thank NHS Lambeth for the funding of the Whale of a Time Workshop at the Urban Green Fair, which made a huge difference to the local community being able to participate and explore creative skills whilst clay modelling of endangered species and connecting with environmental issues we're facing today.

Lucy Smith, Public Health Manager at NHS Lambeth, said: “As part of the Lambeth mental wellbeing programme and work to improve access to psychological therapies, we have funded these workshops with the aim of increasing awareness of ways in which people can actively improve their wellbeing."

'Wellbeing and Happiness in Lambeth' "To experience good mental health and wellbeing is to feel positive about today and to have hope about the future; to feel reasonably confident about being able to handle life's stresses and problems and that mostly life is fulfilled and rewarding."

NHS Lambeth, "By attending the workshop it enables individuals to be creative, meet new people and have some time out which can go a long way to improving someone’s mental health.”

We'd also like to thank the organisers of the Urban Green Fair for all efforts and support to make the Whale of a Time Workshop a success. With great support by the lovely kids zone co-ordinator Hannah Roberts and her motivated team this was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Hannah Roberts, Urban Green Fair Kids Zone Coordinator, said, "We have only heard positive feedback from participants at the Whale of a Time Workshop and you can't miss the happy children walking around with their models they had created during the workshop."

"My boys loved this the most. Everyone was lovely. Thank you!"

JC (age 6) said "When I was doing it it was very fun."

Daniela and Jacob said, "A great activity for all ages - we loved it - thank you!"

Anria said, "Always great to come here. The kids really cheer me up and the workshop is a clever and fun way to teach them about endangered animals. Well done."

Manuela said, "It's the best time to do art for the kids and they love that, they are so happy."

Denisa said, "I really enjoyed the day, this being my first time joining something like this, i didn't know what to expect but I loved working with the children and had lots of fun."

Daniela said, "Thanks for the link to the site. The pictures are great. They really capture the excitement of the day and the lovely productive buzz during the workshop. My kids will be delighted to see these."

Pétanque in the Park 2010 - Read full review...

We'd particularly like to thank Bruce Rowland & Colin Taylor who organised the event and played in the competition and Bhupesh Thapa & Lawrence, the Islington Park Rangers, for their support and efforts throughout.

Bhupesh Thapa, West Area Parks Manager, Environment & Regeneration Department, Islington Council said, "We were so happy to have Whale of a Time at our event at Barnard park. The kids loved the workshop which was very professionally run. We look forward to having Whale of Time back in Islington and would highly recommend the workshop."

Rick Cowling said, “Very informative, enthusiastic and friendly staff. Children really enjoyed it!”

Doi Cowling said, “The best workshop I've ever been too! It's my type because I love animals!”

Filipos (age 10) said, "How would you feel if animals kill you!!! Think about that?"

Herbie Alexander said, "I enjoyed it. You couldn't make it any better thank you!"

Paul L. W., said “My daughter really enjoyed the clay making. A very good idea for small children.”

Mother said, "Fantastic idea! Both myself and my son had a great time! Staff were really lovely too!"

Adult said, “Fun, fun! Remembered how much fun playing with clay is!”

Maggie said, “My daughters, Emi and Jo Jo really loved making George the last giant tortoise and a Scottish wild cat – Great idea!”

Father said, "Wonderful tactile play!"

Kiya (3) said, "I had a lot of fun playing with the clay and getting messy!"

Green Man Festival 2010 - Read full review...

With great support by the wonderful kids field organisers Emily Williams and her friendly and cheerful team this was the perfect festival experience for all of us. We're looking forward to be back next year!

Child (age 4) said, “I love it. it is the best in the world.”

Mother said, “Abandoned by son to complete a turtle. I don't mind!”

Eve, said “Really relaxing in such a stressful time like camping! Hope to see you next year.”

Tace said, "It's the perfect workshop for a festival. so chilled out, which is what the kids need!"

Enanette said, "My son (11) and daughter (9) really enjoyed it. A lovely calming, absorbing activity for a hectic weekend."

Ella (6) said, “I loved making the animals and really enjoyed playing with the clay.”

Mother said, “Kids loved it and so did the parents! Thanks - see you next festival!”

Jess Kay (24) said, "This is a brilliant idea - everyone is having a great time. It's such a great place to be, really chilled-out and happy."

Cara and Heather (9), "We thought it was really fun! We would definately recommend it. There were a lot of animals to chose from."

Lambeth Country Show 2010 - Read full review...

Whale of a Time is a Green Community Champion and we're proud to announce that we have been awarded the Making a Big Difference Fund in March 2010 in Lambeth. As part of the award we have been invited to be part of the Lambeth Country Show this summer where we organised the Whale of a Time Workshop for the local community in Lambeth.

Nathalie (mother) and Isabelle (daughter) said, “Had a lovely, fun time making animals with clay with friendly, helpful staff. Good luck with all your work.”

“What a fantastic idea!”

Martyn, said “Our son really did enjoy sculpting a dolphin and learning about why they are endangered. Thank you.”

"Thank you so much for all the information provided about our environment. Animals in danger. I think people would get more conscious about that for the good future of our own children. THANKS."

Rachel said, “Much fun being children – as we all should be now and again. Well done. xx”

Maggie said, “My daughters, Emi and Jo Jo really loved making George the last giant tortoise and a Scottish wild cat – Great idea!”

"I loved it because it was clay and sticky too and lovely." (age 6)

"I think that this workshop is cool because I have never been to a festival with clay making before." (age 9)

Colin said, “It’s right champion!” (events organiser, Pétanque in the Park)

Sharon (38) said, “What a neat thing to get everyone involved in.”

Sarah said, “The 7 kids all really enjoyed it. Thank you!”

"Very good for children. Good work, keep it up. Love it."

Streatham Festival - Read full review...

It was a great pleasure to be part of Streatham Festival again in 2010. This is our third year at Streatham Festival and we're delighted to bring the Whale of a Time Workshop to the Lambeth community providing a creative, educational and fun activity to the people of Lambeth.

Anna Godsiff, organiser of Streatham Festival (2010) said, "Whale of a Time, well done, you're my angels!"

Eva (6) said, "It was good amusing and groofy."

Ollie (4) said, "I liked getting mucky!"

Ella (7) said, "I had fun making a turtle and looking at pictures of other animals."

Celine and Nianh said, "Children loved the workshop last year and have returned to mould clay again :)"

anna godsiff, streatham Festival 09Anna Godsiff, Streatham and Stockwell Festival Manager (2009) said, "As always you were fantastic - comments from our evaluators were that Whale of A Time are always busier than the Expo tent! - You have a truly brilliant activity with a great message attached - all down to your passion and commitment - always such a pleasure working with you."

Claire Horan, Stockwell Festival (2009) said, "They're as good as gold!"

Anna Godsiff, Streatham and Stockwell Festival Manager (2008) said, "Whale of a Time is number one on my list for childrens' activities."

Claire Horan, Streatham Festival Manager (2008) said, “Thanks so much for Saturday. You worked so hard and had a constant flow of kids and parents. There was such a wonderful energy in your space and I hope you had a good day.”

Sail Power and Watersports Show 2008 and Earl's Court Boat Show 2007 - Review

Whale of a Time was one of the biggest attractions at the Sail Power and Watersports Show 2008 and Earl's Court Boat Show 2007 at London's Earl's Court Exhibition Centre which is a fantastic opportunity for professionals and the public to learn more about watersports and marine species.

Play Radio Caroline Interview live at the Earl's Court Boat Show 08

james brook, director, Sail, Power & Motor Show, Earl's Court Boat ShowJames Brooke, Show’s Managing Director at the Sail, Power & Motor Show, said, "Thank you so much! You've made the show!"

Sarah Brooke, wife of James Brook said, "My sons couldn't wait to get back to do the workshop. They love it! Not only do the children love this but I feel I’ve gone back to my artistic days. So much fun you have to be here next year.”

Robin Brooke, father of James Brooke, said “This has been a fun experience for all the family and has made the kids more aware of the importance of our wonderful sea creatures.”

Richard Yeoward, former Vice Chair WWF, said, "Conservation works best when the people are involved."

Dom Mee, famous rower who crossed the Atlantic, said, “ Very cool. Save the whales.”

Mike (10) said, “I think that this workshop was amazing. I love moulding clay! Thank you!”

Hedre (mother, 44) said, “What a wonderful idea to make the children - young and old aware!”

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